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I Been on it non stop.

it kind of reminds me of Kid Pix for mac.. back in grade schooll
Those were the days =D

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I might be

Ok... So I'm thinking I might be a lil depressed.

2008 was definetly not a year of happy for aquarius
It was a year of reflection, mourning, and figuering out what is real
and what is a false pretender.

Alot of shit happened this year that realy made me have to grow up mentally.
Emotionally i was a total wreck.

I mean so many things happened that I had to face maturity.

1) i spent my birthday alone at home

2) i lost someone speacial to me, to someone else

3) all my friends evaporated before the graduation day actually ended

4) im not in college.

5) i still havent had a real boyfriend

Like the list goes on.
Yesterday i was feeling like shit because I couldnt understand why i was feeling the way i was feeling. Im as open as i can be but i cant let anyone in. Ive seen too many heartbreals by my peers so seeing that i try to avoid it by not doing what the others do.

But it seems as if that is the only way i should be for me to see any results.

Im stuck in a rut that i dug n its difficult climbing out with out any nails.... :|


Christmas Cheer

Merry Christ-Flakes guys!!

my christmas wasn't so bad chu know?

went to work at like 9am. [im supposed to be there by 8 hehe]
and it was ok because we didnt have any managers and it was kind of slow.

I brought my new digital camera that David got me for x-mas and took some christmas pics



Na Na Na DiVA!!!


I just saw the Diva video.
and you need to too =D


All the Single Babies!!

This is just too cute lmao.

McDonalds Rant

Remeber.. how back when I first started this blog..
i just used to talk  about McDonalds.. well heres a blast from the past.


Now maybe its me.
But honestly I think people become stupider when they are put in front of customer service.

Like they feel as if they are smarter than you because your job is to serve, but in turn because of thier arrogance, they become dumb.
[my philosphy.]

Anyway back to the story.
So im in Front D/T right and it was last week friday this happened.
The weather man said it was going to be a snow storm at 9 right.
9 came and passed and it was not any snow at all.
so im like.. [u dumb shit]

then it was od snow out of nowhere.
but b4 all that bullshit.
it was raining I believe.

This elderly couple drives thru orders 2 decaf coffees and  pays their money.
Now I go to make thier coffees and have it sitting on the inside of the drive thru waiting for their elderly ass to hurry the hell up and get em.

as soon as I see them pull up I open up the window with the quickness and hand them the coffees.
Mind you it is already raining and mad cold liquids are sprinklings on me and it feels like ice picks.

The old dude rolls down the window. and I swear before the window is visible enough to pass his nose he barks out 


[for those of you who are virgins to the ways of mcdonalds.. we have drink bags that we hand out to customers who have two drinks or more, usually we don't do this in drive thru because. you have a fucking car with cup holders.]

So I'm looking at him like "you old crusty fart."

now at first I was going to put the coffees in the bag and hand it to them but I was like


"these bum-ass custy's think they can get away with anything they like. Think they can just demand things rudely as if im not human. as if its not below fucking zero in sum freezin ass weather, while they got on coats and car heaters.!"

"goddamnit NO!"

So I turn around and Hand them the plastic bag  "here"

He looks me as if I committed the ultimate sin.

"what?!" he replied.

"Here..." I said handing him the plastic bag looking directly into his eyes..

"Uhm your supposed to put it in".. the old lady bag next to him says.

"No, Im not, its a courtesy. You have hands right?"

"The manger always puts it in, when I ask"  The old man replies with a snort.
a scowl was growing on the face of the woman next to him.

probably growing impatient at the girl in the black mcdonalds hat and the breezy rain through her window.

So we go back and forth and in the end I jus say ..."man fuck it" I put the coffees in the bag and continue to smile.. hand them the bag and smile with a "Have A Nice Day"

The man takes his coffees, gives me one last look before the window actually closes and shouts out.

"You fucking dumbass!"

I push the window back open and shout to the man and his wife 

and close the window.
He continued to curse, but I was satisfied with my comeback.

The moral of the story is children,
when people are assholes for no damn reason, 
and you think maybe its because of the seasons,
and you try your best to put on a smile,
but they just irk u no matter what all the while.
just take my advice when they wanna get smart,
"listent o me mother fucker I'm just playing a part, 
in the big scheme of things I'm meant for more.
So take ya decaf coffee and split for the door.
you old ass bastard..."


TAG!!! Your It

Soo I got tagged awhile bac.. neva got to it
[ i was busy posting shit. ]

Ermm let's see.

Thanks Alot Nana... b.k.a. Bitter/Sweet :D


3. KiD.A
5. mBL

ATTN: the following blogs were not written in order of personal status, but whoever i was thinking of at the time.

muhahahaha.. let the tagging commence >:}


1. Where is your cell phone? ON IT'S WAY!!!!!! =D
2. Where is your significant other? EVERYWHERE, N NOWHERE
3. Your hair color? Black'n'Brown
4. Your mother? SMOKING
5. Your father? JAMAICA
6. Your favorite thing? MUSIC
7. Your dream last night? SCARY
8. Your dream/goal? WEALTHY
9. The room you're in? LIVINGROOM
10. Your hobby? GRINDIN'
11. Your fear? REJECTION
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? KICKING IT WITH OPRAH
13. Where were you last night? POOL HALL 149TH
14. What you're not? FULL...[got tha munchies]
15. One of your wish-list items? PARTNER IN CRIME.. [like OMG..]
16. Where you grew up? BOOGIE DOWN
17. The last thing you did? TYPED
18. What are you wearing? SWEATER W/ BASKETBALL SHORTS
19. Your TV? DEAD
20. Your pet?  SOON TO BE DECEASED [if the bitch won't shutup]
21. Your computer?  MAC BABY..OWWW
22. Your mood? SLEEPY LIKE FUK
23. Missing someone? TOTALLY. :[
24. Your car? DECKED OUT 9 BUS.
25. Something you're not wearing?  BLISTEX..[i need sum :\]
26. Favorite store? BODEGA
27. Your summer? 2005
28. Love someone? TOO MUCH
29. Your favorite color? GREEN MUTHAPHUKAS
30. When is the last time you laughed? COUPLE HOURS AGO
31. Last time you cried? FRIDAY
32. Are you a bitch? AT MCDONALDS
33. Favorite Position? ON MY BACK [tee hee]
35. Are you a hater or a lover? LOVER....
37. Are you genuine or fake? DEPENDS ON SITUATION
38. Any Vices? SIGH... "DONK" IS MY JAM. 
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? "WIRE HANGER" ??
41. Pro Plastic or Natural? I LIKE CONCENTRATE
42. Dream Job? GET PAID TO GET LAID :D [very nice!]

yea so i didn't use one word... big whoop. They're plural questions being asked so suck it.
anywho hope u enjoi.
I sure did.
but don't take my word for it =D


Do Your Thing!

and I know some bitches that were struggling to even get up in thier heels.
Shess baddd!


It turns out I can't get the Blackberry Storm...ever.

Well not ever just until my contract becomes eligible for an upgrade, which should take another 6 months. By that time the Blackberry will be trash and I won't want it anymore. because yes. I am materialistic and yes... I do want it before everyone has it. Or at least everyone I know.

So whatever. 
My sis I give big props too though **hands props to sis**

She was on a missionto find that damn phone!! find a way.
Capricorns... determind. **cough Stubborn cough**

So being already vexed I went on a shopping spree.

Spree I tell you.. SPREEEEE!!!!!!!

Its too cold to be walking around.
well it was actually very nice yesterday sunny and shit.
of course when you shop online theres only one place to shop!
...wait for it....wait for it...

yes yes ya'll.

I bought my BFFFFFY his gift
and then decided to cop me some thangs too.
Shopping online is great fun. So next week imma open an account with Chase
Instead of usingmy sister's card hahaha [it was my money on the card... im not that evil.]

U wanna see what I got?
..well then stay tuned.

in about 5 more days I'll let you know lol until then 


You On Point Tip?:: Salena

Salena is a female graphic/ photo designer out of Berlin Germany
She does illustrations, drawings, paintings, and designs clothing.

check out her myspace.

"yo once again Phife!"


Really kanYe?...

I was just talking about this guy friday at work.
I was saying how him and Jay-Z need to stop this.. "grunge hop" look of crusty face and choppy hairline.

I don't mind if you'd like for your hair to look that way or your beard.
But negroes it don't work when both the hair and beard look corn-beefish.

Its kind of gross how it looks.
maybe on a younger fella.
I hate how people think.." well i got it like that... so I can pull off anything."


it doesn't work.
He's mad red like him and Suge had an agreement. "nigga i won't buss yo head open.. as long as u wear all red at one of your shows."

I'm sorry.. not today kanYezille


A Ronald McDonald Christmas.

i decided to write a poem spin off of the classic children' tale "The Night before Christmas"
... I think you will all get the point.

Twas the week before 25th.
and sasha was pissed
because these motherfucks said she had to work on christmas.

No doubt she tried to call out
about 2 months ahead of time.
but when she brought it up again
they said they changed thier minds.

claiming that only those with kids can call out on that day
angry and cheated i felt
because my eggs weren't on display

so i kept my composure and just rolled with the punches
at least i'll have mcchickens with cheese for lunch n'
the happy ass custy's as they order way too much food
n the crazy man who bathes in the customer bathroom... in the nude.

no i wont fret coming home round 5
no christmas cheer for me
because i smell like fries.

Only thing i hope is that they wont get vexed
when i run up in that piece with the mask and the vest
pull out a bag labeled "christmas treats"
and tell the cashier "all the mcdoubles and cinnamelts please"

Then when I'm through spreading good cheer,
I'll end up going back to work the next day
and be greeted with judgemental stares

wondering whats going on and play it cool
they'll ask me to the office as if it were school
i'll denie everything... because i'm hard to see through
even when they show me the camera.. that caught me in the act
with the jacket that read 

"Merry Christmas Muphukas




You On Point Tip?:: D. Brown / Otaveon

D. Brown / Otaveon is a model and business man straight out of The Bronx, New York.

"yo once again Phife!"

Creative Recreation Montana :D

I already really appreciate the sneakers.. and honestly I don't mind the boots either.
Usually it doesn't always work out when a sneaker brand tries to accomplish the boot branch, ahem "Jordans" but this is really good.
They have one with straps that I had seen awhile back on Fordham. About 200 dollars flat those were.


Beyonce or Sasha Firece?

So True...


Pharrell Williams::Atelier WM Candle Collection [ooo weee]


Pharrell Williams Candle Sticks...
the closest I'll ever come to him caressing my ••booty•• haha



Batter Blaster

Mmmm Mmm..
Breakfast in a Can.

How delightful

Studio Time

I Just came back from Casper's house. Hopefully my new producer....[if he happens to want to move to fordham so I don't have to freeze my titties off in this weather]

For real I didn't think I was going to make it.
I froze literally waiting for bullshit public transportation.

But without a little pain you can't progress right?

So I came in there extra scared. For some reason I though I was heading to a "Professional Studio" like the ones you see in the music video and Hova tryna spit a verse that he can't spit because he got to old. [J-Z L-P]

No it was way more comfortable. Casper's room a mic a mic stand. His computer system with all the hookups. It was really exciting.
I was a little nervous but noenough to make me choke in front of all my peers during my final exam where in I had to just play one stupid song on a keyboard. no.
much more relaxed.

So first David did his verse.
He looked so professional!
I was a lil taken aback by his forthwright.
[If that at all goes with what I'm trying to recapture through text]

So then it came down to my turn.

IDK I was expecting Casper to be one of those snooty ass... "are you sure you know what your doing?"
type guy.. but he was alright
Very nice, very relaxed. [and he smelt so good. OMG.. i think it was Curve]
So anyway i did my verse then sang the hook.
shit was tough.

They were giving me mad props.
My cheecks still hurt. haha!!
[from smiling.....nasty]

In the back of my mind my pride and all that went up like 100% I got it first try doubling.. and flowing.

I think that I can become really good once I find my voice and shit like that. I mean I like the track and all but I would like to sound more animated when I do my thang
a huh huh huh huh [grandmaster flash voice]

Look out for the 5 track mixtape =D

..uh i really could give a shit about Astro Boy but.. it's animated and I know Seth will like it.
maybe me too HEHE =D


T-Pain Album Artwork


Very Cool

This amazing video is the Toshiba Timesculpture Advert..




I don't really enjoi seeing Uggs on people's feet 

because honestly.. they look like pooh feets.

maybe because everyone wears the same ol' "classics"
but these..
I would definetly mess with.
"Goldeneye" Lace Up Duck Boots for women.

"Colum" for Men


Jazmine Sullivan <3

Jazmine Sullivan is officially my new nunu

[nunu is a term i use to express love or.. interest in a person place or thing. :]

So I know I'm like extra late figuring this out.
but I'm the kind of person where if I see a new artist, I'm going to listen to them on my time.

not because someone said... "She's awesome... listen to her!!.... now"
then I'll grow to not want to listen.

So I got to fully listen to Fearless on my ventures out and about the Bronx

I swear to you, every track on that album I like.

Crazy because I was expecting something generic.

Its original.

What she talks about is so relatable and likeable.
I like that she uses profanity when she sings.
It feels more natural than trying to go a different route.

Don't get me wrong. There isn't a Parental Advisory sticker on it.
But take the time out to listen to this girl.

She has crazy talent and I really hope that she can make it in the music business.

honestly "Bust Your Windows" I think someone on her team was trying to sabotage her...

the song is so great... and they give us this lackluster performance. smh
that she can make it in the business world of music. Its all about looks and statistics.

This album will be getting crazy hits on my iPod.


Im So Special I'm so Special!!!

WHOOOOOO I did it!!





that can go either way too...

uhh.. I didn't realize until Shanna told me I made 100...

so instead of cheating and goin backwards like I always remebered.. Imma just post this

and we can all pretend like I knew all along 
hey hey hey

yes yes ya'll


Yo I swear these "get money" niggas are hilarious smh..

Soo obsessed with being fly and flashy that they get caught up in the bullshit and can't even get thier money up there.

I'm on aim right.
[my only form of communication]

and I get hit up by someone I haven't spoken to in a good long minute.

I swear the convo just made me feel sick inside.



u still got my aim?


haha watup







thas gud

wat made u decide to hit me up



ooo aight



A direct connection could not be established. The connection was terminated unexpectedly.



yo what are u talkin bout?

CAn i borrow sum money

ur deadass


for what?

i brought g1

but i cant use it without havn dha g1 data plan

its 35

but i was only gon ask u for 10




y aint u asnwer me

cuz u a clown

how ima clown

how u sound.

forget it

i stilled ask thanks


thanks u very much

how u feeling anywayz!!!

now by that time the conversation was already over on my part.

idk he might still be waiting for that response.

now how sad does that sound?? you hit me up for 10 dollars..
not only do you look bad... but you make me look bad because you were once on my buddy list..
now your in the "FreeThrows" sections.. whea all the niggas I don't talk to end up.
You've been there awhile but, now I can sleep at night knowing I made the right decision.

How do u buy the G1.. then have no cash for the data plan.  why do it to yourself?
then hit me up for 10 dollars... then say "at least I asked"

nooo... it should've been damn.. I feel like a real asshole rightnow

This almost fuked up the rest of my day but... 

not really.

and no.. if your still wondering I didn't give the dude 10 bucks..


I D C [•bullet...buhlet•]

I like those corny ass Disney Movies..

High School Musical

Stuck in the Suburbs

Camp Rock...

I have them on my ipod too.
the songs...

I'm sorry if that makes me a bad person [haha]

I like showtunes and that corny child feeling you get,

when you know all the lyrics to the entire song.

and act it out in your living room.

in a sweater and boyshorts.

This girl

she can sing for real..

wayyy too lazy to search for her whole government..


Remeber Him

Remeber that sexy ass English singer
Craig David?
 Seven Days

" took her for a drink on tuesday, we were making love by wednesday, etc.. ]

check this out.

well I'll be damned...
got this over at MOS

Happy Gobble Gobble Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Gobble Gobble Day.

I know Imma be gobble gobbling today :D

going to my aunts house to chow down... 
make a mess then not clean up anything

yea cuz that's how I gets down.


mom made lasanga too!

and isn't it crazy how even if your mom can't cook for shit
She can always make lasanga.
and whenever lasanga is talked about... your mom always makes the best??
mine actually does though 

have a gud one =D..



I'm mad I just realized this smh..

In Kindergaten we did some sort of arts and crafts project right, but I really don't remeber what was the project or any of the details.

All I knew was the class had to get teeny tiny ziploc bags, and put something in it.
I forgot what.

--so anywho. on my way to school at the tender age of 7 or 8 I come across this teeny tiny ziploc bag on the sidewalk.

I was so estactic, because I knew my Teacher... [I believe her name was Mrs. Liebo-something with an L...w.e.]

As soon as I step into the classroom I put my bag away and jacket away run up to the teacher and show her the ziploc bag and how I had found it that morning on the sidewalk.

She looks at me and the bag and looks so pleased. 
of course I'm blushing like "Yea.. I know I AM the shit!" 
Then she says
"Sasha this is great, now do you think you could find about 23 more of these bags for the rest of the class?"

At that point I'm like... "uhh... sure"
not wanting to dissapoint my teacher.


we never finished that project... and it wasn't spoken of. EVER.

I'm 18 and  I was sitting on my bed 30 mins ago and it just hit me.
That teeny tiny ziploc bag, was a nickel bag

I brought my teacher a bag that was used to hold ganja [believe you me I'm not being all high and mighty]

I didn't know what it was I was just happy I got it.

My Teacher was like 40 something right??
and she asked me if I could find some more for the rest of the class..

Umm Hello?? I'm sure she knew wtf those bags held. and the bitch dead asked me to go find some more for the rest of the class.

She probably was already thinking some fucked up shit, "oo i bet you found it...smh, calling CPS on your black ass if you bring some more of those bags"

OMG this is really sad.
I'm looking back on it thinking wow.. how could someone really think like that.
about children??

it reminds me of this book I started reading and never finished... cuz IDK 
I wasn't up to it haha...

Other People's Children
by: Lisa Delpit...

check it out..


A **Cold-Ass** Night Out. Pt.2

So we already blasted... and we enter the theatre  looking for seats..
of course you know me.. I forgot my glasses.

so we sit extra close to the screen.

Now I'm not sure maybe we came late or.. that's just how it started.
but it just jumped right into it.

Basically for those of you who don't know..

Twilight is about some chicka..[Kristen Stewart] who falls for the tall dark and handsome boy [Robert Pattison] in school. Only to figure out he's a vampire [shocker!!]
and his family are vegetarians... or herbivores :o

so she's all about getting her freaky on, and he's like... I'm going to kill you.. why don't you understand that.?

"He's so sexy and mysterious.. like a sexy killer.. i want him in my life"

"I'm evil... I kill... for FUN!!'

She's like.. "I don't care... I want you in my life.. for like... EVER.."

there was this one part in the film though, and me and D were just like.. **cough cough** bullshit...

He was in her room and he said something really creepy.

and she was with it.


honestly .. it wasn't that bad--buh you know when your with friends you must make an ass out of everything yada yada

I recommend pre-teens and freaky ass couples go see this..

mmmm hmmm gurl.. snaps for the kids hey!!!!!!


A **Cold-Ass** Night Out. Pt.1

Yesterday night I went out to hang with the bfffffy [for those who not up on it its... best friends 

for fifty five fajillion years] corny i know.

Anyways IDK what possesed me to go out on a night like that. I swear I must've been on some 

kind of drug. Like I was really standing waiting on a bus that was never coming.

Then when it did come, I had to once more wait again for another year for the 36 bus.

To make matter's worse, the bus caught a flat tire.

But I'm guessing NYC's MTA equipped thier buses with "run-flats" because that bad boy kept on a rolling. [bullet bullet]

The Bus Driver was not playing around..

"It's too cold for this shit..."

best believe he kept it going like nothing happened.
so anyway let's keep it moving...

Met up with Davey at his house and had hot chocolate and Eddie Murphy Raw! [funny as fudge-cake]
gave his mom a hug  ¡adios!   [btw she is sooo soft.. like quilted nothern mmmm]

N' booked it out that bad boy to Whitestone.

It was so fucking cold outside Jesus... and then everyone and they mom wanna Aim me for good time sake [yea I answered back too]

It was kind of late and I didn't wanna be out for fucking every so we went to see Twilight at 10:20.. [it was like 10:50 when we got there haha]


Metropark [•Bullet Bullet•]

FLuD Boombox Watch...
Tiny Gun Stud Earrings.. 

MinkPink Quilted Jacket...
Projek Raw Hoodie...




BBC Crazy [TUFF!]

Its really crazy how on point I am.

On the bus yesterday and saw some mittens right?
and I though... I like mittens but i need to use my fingers.. and I don't like the ones that flip off and reveal cut off gloves... like the bums be having.

so I thought it would be cool if there were gloves where you had two sections for fingers and your thumbs.

Look what I come across.

The BBC "Star Trek" Gloves.

Asher Roth

I'm on Lupe's blog and I'm analyzing the Dec 2008 issue of XXL Magazine.

and I'm looking at the cover right,. then I wonder... "whose the white guy?"
Not wanting to be ignorant to talent, I mosey on over to youtube.
and heard his freestlye on RapCity.

Kid is nice.

He's from Morrisville, Pennslyvania. and he's signed to SRC Records.
He defines himself as a middle-class white person who grew up with a very health lifestlye.
..or at least thats what wikipedia told me.
at least he accepts it, and doesn't rap about shit he knows nothing about ... ahem "Yung Berg"


Heartless.. kanYe West

..you know.. I might think about...thinking about buying that 808's and Heartbreaks, feel me?

Ludacris Freestlye on the spot...

Mickey Factz Freestyle

goddamn... 2008


Turn My Swag On

IDK I Definetly not a big fan of Soulja Boy... even after what kanYe said about him
but honestly I looooove this song
it is my new anthem

Turn My Swag On


Wreckhouse...AGAIN AGAIN!!

As you all know I love to big up's my people so here I come with another one.

Wreckhouse Wreckords
having another party, and this time you wont lose 10 pounds afterwords. [check out the other post if'n you don't understand]

It's on Dec. 27th and going to be at club El Rancho.
theres also some talks about Hot 97, and Cory Gunz coming through.
so chyea you can see me there chilling with the fam Young Woo.

What else are you gonna do on a saturday night but party your ass off... till ya fall off.
You can get your tickets online and they only.. peep this $20.oo

oo shit... recession aint fucking up this get together.
so come through fly and flashy ladies and gentlemen



Obama vs. McCain

maybe if the debates were like this, I wouldn't kind of be half listening ha ha.

Isnt That Sweet :]

I had sent an email to this photographer like back in early October.
I had seen her blog through one of her friends. Couldn't front, the pics were solid [trying sumfin new ha ha]
anyhow I hadn't gotten a response in like 10 years, which had me feeling like an asshole because I usually never send any type of shit like that.

Honestly you don't know the kind of people out there and what their about.
so this being my first time I was really completely shut the fuck down ha ha.

But I was elated this morning =]
got a response back.

and hopefully, well lets not say anything else.
don't want to spoil what might not even be.


IDK.... Christmas 2008

Well... Christmas is rolling around rather quickly
and its easy to tell.

Rite Aid already put up their Christmas decor back in Oct. ha ha
you ever notice that? how they just curb Thanksgiving like it doesn't exist?

funny.. but when you read up on Thanksgiving. You can understand why.

Honestly for Christmas I really don't know what I want.
Like I'm not beasting for anything special and I really don't mind if I get anything at all.

If I do have to though I really want these.

Moscot - Nebb $169.00

Blackberry Storm $200-500

and basically that's about it.
idk I'm not too keen on presents this year.
I just want to be with the family, kick back and watch some Christmas movies and stay in pajamas ...

I hope you guys holidays are great as well.
no matter what you celebrate it. enjoy it and spend it with people you love.
isn't that always the moral of the story?



on another note..

wtf is wrong with my blog... why is my "about me" and everything else...located at the bottom of my page??

if anyone knows the problem can u please help a G out... like
this shit is confusing :\

n i failed cisco in highschool .. so nuffin technical kk.


No one on the corner has a S.L.M.

was on the homie Robbie page so i decided to snatch up this bad boy for those who dont know who i am :]


Name: Sasha ™
Birthdate: February 1990 ---Aquarius uh huh
Birthplace: Parkchester
Current Location: Bum ass Kingsbridge
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: at the moment... idk
Height: 5'6
Weight: ----dun matter i look good.
Piercings: ears
Tatoos: soon
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Boyfriend
Overused Phraze: cornball, ya moms, dirty, smd, fuck you
Food: cookies.. chocolate chip :]
Candy: most things chocolate.. or sour power straws
Number: many zeros
Color: green
Animal: used to like dogs b4 kingston came.
Drink: koolaid...mixed wit grape soda haha
Alcohol Drink: bacardi.. watermelon
Bagel: wif cream cheese n bacon
Letter: S
Body Part on Opposite sex: face
This or That
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds got me open
Strawberry or Watermelon: watermelon...
Hot tea or Ice tea: Ice Tea wit a lemon.. the powder kind..
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Mixed
Kiss or Hug: give hugs, get kissed
Dog or Cat: cats r evil
Rap or Punk: rap
Summer or Winter: winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: funny
Love or Money: cant have one w/o the other
Bedtime: when eyes become chinkier than normal.
Most Missed Memory: friends
Best phyiscal feature: where do i start, the list goes on my man.
First Thought Waking Up: fuk... im late
Goal for this year: model/ rap :]
Best Friends: none at all
Weakness: charm
Fears: giving up
Longest relationship: a month and change
Ever Drank: duh
Pot: from time to time
Ever been Drunk: off my ass
Ever been beaten up: nope
Ever beaten someone up: the day will come.
Ever Shoplifted: yup... H&M glasses.. sad smh
Ever Skinny Dipped: ?? too cold for that shit.
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: i was raped...consensually.
Been Dumped Lately: neva...
Favorite Eye Color: really lite or really dark
Favorite Hair Color: dun matter
Short or Long: either way
Height: taller than me
Style: fresh your own
Looks or Personality: Personality..
Hot or Cute : i like em cold hearted n cute
Drugs and Alcohol: niether
Muscular or Really Skinny: muscular
Number of Regrets in the Past: none... everything happens for a reason
What country do you want to Visit: umm... Amsterdam =D
How do you want to Die: loved
Been to the Mall Lately: that shit is trash
Do you like Thunderstorms: when im inside
Get along with your Parents: of course
Health Freak: nope... get sick every other day.
Do you think your Attractive: I know I am
Believe in Yourself: who else gonna?
Want to go to College: sigh... kinda
Do you Smoke: I'm on fire
Do you Drink: is there any koolaid n grape soda?
Shower Daily: even if the waters cold.
Been in Love: once... i think it was lust though.
Do you Sing: in the shower.. + freestyle
Want to get Married: too many niggas, n they all bitches smh.


U Not lovin Us Anymore...

ooo listen up kids and seniors...

as of dec. 1st
no more dollar menu!!!

moment of silence [......................]
yea so all u "dollar menuaires" that's about it.

they told us at our meeting last week.
probably why we have this new thing called the "triple cheeseburger"

its like 2.50 by itself.. and 2 for 3.00 when u get the special..
i fucking hate those burgers.. smh
i cannot go a day without someone buying like 18 of them shits at once ughh.. >.< 
im not gonna lie... they are delicious :]
i just wonder how those faithful old folks goin feel about the deletion of our sacred dollar menu? 8 years man we had it. started in 2000. oh wellis. they'll function. I VOTED!!!! like my vote actually kind of helped :] i wasnt sure what i was doing.. just clicked Obama... then everything else Democratic. everyone else seemed to have the same method. haha

baby Barack! awwww

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