A **Cold-Ass** Night Out. Pt.1

Yesterday night I went out to hang with the bfffffy [for those who not up on it its... best friends 

for fifty five fajillion years] corny i know.

Anyways IDK what possesed me to go out on a night like that. I swear I must've been on some 

kind of drug. Like I was really standing waiting on a bus that was never coming.

Then when it did come, I had to once more wait again for another year for the 36 bus.

To make matter's worse, the bus caught a flat tire.

But I'm guessing NYC's MTA equipped thier buses with "run-flats" because that bad boy kept on a rolling. [bullet bullet]

The Bus Driver was not playing around..

"It's too cold for this shit..."

best believe he kept it going like nothing happened.
so anyway let's keep it moving...

Met up with Davey at his house and had hot chocolate and Eddie Murphy Raw! [funny as fudge-cake]
gave his mom a hug  ¡adios!   [btw she is sooo soft.. like quilted nothern mmmm]

N' booked it out that bad boy to Whitestone.

It was so fucking cold outside Jesus... and then everyone and they mom wanna Aim me for good time sake [yea I answered back too]

It was kind of late and I didn't wanna be out for fucking every so we went to see Twilight at 10:20.. [it was like 10:50 when we got there haha]

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