Young Pastor PREACH!!!

Homeboi slamsssss this nigga Jigga. Uh I ain't never seen no one go as hard as he did at Jay-Z since Ether. Uh..
spiritual Ether I give him my props to a T


Fall Again

This song is so pure and pretty. I'm feeling it and it makes me wanna fall in love...but for the first time lol


New Post


so I was searching the web... Besides the bullshit going on on TV I have resorted to online tele.
It's less commercials and I can pause it and go piss, thanks technology ;)

I found the Chappelle Show! 
But wait there's more! 
All 3 seasons!
But wait even more, there's more!
no commercials!!!!!

Oh My Fucking Goodnessssssss
I know that was OD. (I love that word, OD ::scene:: "bitch you ugly" "OOOHHHDDEEEEE")

I'm going through some shit and I don't know what to do :\
I'm pretty as shit, I don't feel bad about my looks, or any insecure shit like that, but I'm convinced everyone else is. 
Especially boys!
At least the young ones.
They seem to, look, glance, STARE at times, but thats about it.
With older men they STARE approach with something strange like, what time is it, or where can i find the train. you know regular shit.
and end up getting the number. deadass though.
Its strange but true. The older guy who came up like , 'fuck I got nothing to lose' will in the end get the number. 
*as long as they pretty enough, funny, or the pockets looking right.* 
-don't judge, I'm a young girl ;)-

Anyway I just don't understand it. I'm fed up.
I guess Im just an old soul. I'm just old fashioned and the older guys see it, while the younger ones wonder.

In other news, I quit smoking. -for now-
It was abrupt, I was with my Afrikan boi and he copped some bud from some spanish dudes on the bodega block.
I rolled a pretty L. I mean pretty, that shit was sexier than a mutha-mmmmm!

I smoked it, was feeling right.... and then
paranoia up the ass, like a bitch had gas.
(trying something new)
My heart was thump thump thumping,
sweating, twitching and shit like I had a tick.
I don't know but I was just buggin' out, for two days straight. not as severe as the first but good enough.

So thats why I quit -for now-
Just to take a break.

Lastly the News on studio. I'm getting better. I'm working on cadence I just need to enunciate and put some Busa Buss innah it!
I feel like I'm on my way, and I'm making moves. With the support of my family, friends, and blog fam, I hope to achieve this soon. You may not think it, but I'm as humble as ever.
Word to me and you can quote this. People who have influenced, changed, support, or even just been there for me I will repay you, no matter what.
I just know I will, I'm here for y'all, I'm here for the people I want to represent y'all.
I already told my niggas that if I do get enough buzz, and the contract they giving me is bullshit, I will just distribute through online means
Tour by my own means and sell that Crack to make that money nigga!!! LMAO

ii I'm out. Love peace and soulllll!


sweet dreams

hey my brothas n sisters u kno i missed ya =D

i been super duper busy...school *yea right*
not working and reading everybody else's blog i aint have time peep my own BLOG
i've been in the studio for a good minute...it may look i have nothing to show for it but I do have a track that im super proud of =D

Sweet Dreams Remix - Beyonce Ft. Sasha

i fucks with it..lets see if yall do too =D


Eva Silly Boy

music :)
her hair makes me want to start a fire =D *kidding...


Video Phone

I'm just awaiting it !!!
...lets see what the video has in store.

im a little scared :o
in the meantime feast on this.

this has nothing to do with anything, but i know i'd like to see it =D
the game was fun and idk looks insightful.
anywho i;ll be awaiting the video just like you dudes!

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