Molesters all Around

So Lil Wayne was raped at 11 and he loved it. He also told Lil Twist that if you in Young Money, you have to fuck. 
Nasty mothefucks, I'm sorry this is just disgusting, and what makes it worse, is all these fake ass, no moral having niggas, is all lined up around him Laughing they ass off,
....*blank stare*
BTW did you see the new vibe cover ?
peeped that lil emblem in the corner?



Young Pastor PREACH!!!

Homeboi slamsssss this nigga Jigga. Uh I ain't never seen no one go as hard as he did at Jay-Z since Ether. Uh..
spiritual Ether I give him my props to a T


Fall Again

This song is so pure and pretty. I'm feeling it and it makes me wanna fall in love...but for the first time lol


New Post


so I was searching the web... Besides the bullshit going on on TV I have resorted to online tele.
It's less commercials and I can pause it and go piss, thanks technology ;)

I found the Chappelle Show! 
But wait there's more! 
All 3 seasons!
But wait even more, there's more!
no commercials!!!!!

Oh My Fucking Goodnessssssss
I know that was OD. (I love that word, OD ::scene:: "bitch you ugly" "OOOHHHDDEEEEE")

I'm going through some shit and I don't know what to do :\
I'm pretty as shit, I don't feel bad about my looks, or any insecure shit like that, but I'm convinced everyone else is. 
Especially boys!
At least the young ones.
They seem to, look, glance, STARE at times, but thats about it.
With older men they STARE approach with something strange like, what time is it, or where can i find the train. you know regular shit.
and end up getting the number. deadass though.
Its strange but true. The older guy who came up like , 'fuck I got nothing to lose' will in the end get the number. 
*as long as they pretty enough, funny, or the pockets looking right.* 
-don't judge, I'm a young girl ;)-

Anyway I just don't understand it. I'm fed up.
I guess Im just an old soul. I'm just old fashioned and the older guys see it, while the younger ones wonder.

In other news, I quit smoking. -for now-
It was abrupt, I was with my Afrikan boi and he copped some bud from some spanish dudes on the bodega block.
I rolled a pretty L. I mean pretty, that shit was sexier than a mutha-mmmmm!

I smoked it, was feeling right.... and then
paranoia up the ass, like a bitch had gas.
(trying something new)
My heart was thump thump thumping,
sweating, twitching and shit like I had a tick.
I don't know but I was just buggin' out, for two days straight. not as severe as the first but good enough.

So thats why I quit -for now-
Just to take a break.

Lastly the News on studio. I'm getting better. I'm working on cadence I just need to enunciate and put some Busa Buss innah it!
I feel like I'm on my way, and I'm making moves. With the support of my family, friends, and blog fam, I hope to achieve this soon. You may not think it, but I'm as humble as ever.
Word to me and you can quote this. People who have influenced, changed, support, or even just been there for me I will repay you, no matter what.
I just know I will, I'm here for y'all, I'm here for the people I want to represent y'all.
I already told my niggas that if I do get enough buzz, and the contract they giving me is bullshit, I will just distribute through online means
Tour by my own means and sell that Crack to make that money nigga!!! LMAO

ii I'm out. Love peace and soulllll!


sweet dreams

hey my brothas n sisters u kno i missed ya =D

i been super duper busy...school *yea right*
not working and reading everybody else's blog i aint have time peep my own BLOG
i've been in the studio for a good minute...it may look i have nothing to show for it but I do have a track that im super proud of =D

Sweet Dreams Remix - Beyonce Ft. Sasha

i fucks with it..lets see if yall do too =D


Eva Silly Boy

music :)
her hair makes me want to start a fire =D *kidding...


Video Phone

I'm just awaiting it !!!
...lets see what the video has in store.

im a little scared :o
in the meantime feast on this.

this has nothing to do with anything, but i know i'd like to see it =D
the game was fun and idk looks insightful.
anywho i;ll be awaiting the video just like you dudes!


Do it to Death


y'all was thinking some next shit happened from my last entry, but nah
I'm tougher than nails and too cool for that. Wasup though, now we have a lot to cover.
for one

1. My iMac's hard drive said "F**K YOU B***HES" :\ not working and it hurts my heart. 

2. I lost my iPod Touch recently, lets say Sunday and got a call Monday from the apple store saying my laptop is fixed. Ha

3. I got an 85% in my math midterm, have a speech due the 2nd, and bought the book today ;)

4. My English paper is due tomorrow and I'm uploading Busta Rhymes "E.L.E" and blogging instead.

5. I can't find my laptop charger and i have more or less 70% battery life left as of now.

Oh Gosh. makes you really wonder, why fuck go to college in the first place? I can learn this shit myself. College is just for a piece of paper saying you certified. 
I mean I was feigning, I mean feigning to get into college and look what happens! I'm in this bitch and want to dip because I feel like what I'm learning is bullshit. Honestly classes like "Speech and English" Basic shit I can learn for myself. 

College should be for math, chemistry and shit you can't even learn naturally. I know I can't learn Chemistry from talking to the MTA guy for a metro card, well... shit who knows, if we speaking in dope boy language ;)

Besides that my vernacular has changed and we making moves (we meaning me and my brain)
Time for me to met people know wasup with Sasha and how I am literally no one you ever met, unless you met me aye!

Ohh shining light on this little Thrift store located on 14th street and 8th, 7th or 6th ave. totally forgot the exact location, buck it tho, its called "Rags-a-Go-Go" 
Copped some old school hats with the puffs, and a leather varsity jacket from the year 79' 
Whats cool is the lady "hand-picks" every piece of clothing in that place. Dedication!!

alright peace hoes who are pigeon toed


Serius Jones

Loved this dude when he was battling Jin.

Love this song too lol


Feelin' So Good

Did you ever have a feeling of great things occuring?
maybe not immediately, but surely you feel like your life is going to change for the better. That's how I'm feeling! I'm not even sure if I said it before, but who cares I'll say t again!

My weekend was truly eventful and it was filled with incidents that, in my opinion, are only good omens.
Friday night hanging around chillin' ended up heading to 14th street Union Square
[sidenote: Macs are sooo cool I can just drag and drop this pic from the internet! Hello My Apple Hello!]

Down there on a Saturday, an accumulation of people are out: BMXer's, Skateboarders, Pot-Heads, [LOL :-)] and Rappers.

There was a cypha going down with a lot of people hailing from East side New York.
*BX bitches!! lol
There were good MC's, older MC's, and some who looked like they were just starting out.

Getting ready to leave, and stumble upon Wordspit.

So I went up to him and introduced myself and had a long talk with the guy.
Real calm, cool, and relaxed, he knew a lot about himself, what he wanted, why he was doing it and what it meant to him. Talking with him was really insprating and it gave me a new engine to lump into my drive, the old one was working, but the conversation had me on NITROS that night.

I was so pumped because the way he thought about life and things in general, mirrored mine but on another level of knowledge. I think he is gonna be a big splash in the industry, as well.
I felt kind of dumb though, I was nervous couldn't spit at all. SMH After the conversation though he brought out a side of me that only when I'm comfortable is seen. I spit him the song I was working on, and I believe dude was impressed!

Anyway I just wanted to highlight that last night was an all nighter. I was in high overdrive because of Word, and learned what kind of work goes into this Hip Hop game. I heard stories of what kind of hussle it took to even put a song up. A rusty mic and a stereo.
I'm priviledged I even have people with studios, who will let me come and work. Appreciate the little things in life.

No worrys thoough, up in those flashing lights, my name will headline ;)
Working on a new song I feel will bring something new to ya'll.

Peace and Love Gzz I'm about to eat som fried sweet potatoes =D HEY HEY!!


Priscilla Renea

Hello My Apple

PRISCILLA RENEA|MySpace Music Videos

Hello my Apple, Hello ;)



I LOVE how the sample of Lenny Kravitz and the beat merge. Damn I might actually mess with Wale now. Maybe thats where he was off to that day... who knows lol
kudos to D.


Rihanna and Friends

Damn it all Rihanna!! She pulls off nothing so effortlessly. She's not an icon of mine, but an inspiration that I too can one day be famous and wear outrageous clothing day to day without inspiring many other little girls..and boys out there!

I swear she reads my mind. Tell em if I wasn't gonna cop lenses like these !

In totally unrelated (well alittle) news. Kanye and his boo Amber Rose. Just for yours and I viewing pleasure.
That's what I want in a couple. They compliment each other, but it isnt forced or tacky. KUDOS!!





You On Point Tip?:: Wordspit

Coming out of BK. His influences are Cannabis, Nas, Rakim, and Nirvana


Palladiums, what I say

Remeber when I was raving about the Palladium sneakers.!
No of course not cause ya'll motherfuckers don't be saying shit when you read and after the first page log off. But its ok I won't hold nothing agaisnt you :)

Anyway I couldn't find those sons of bitches anywhere! But low and behold I step into David Z on 14th street and all I see is Palladium sneakers. I guess somewhere, someone was reading my blog, or they actually listen to me when I request it!
hey hey!!

As soon as that financial aid check rolls around, BURR!!!! Copping these bad boys ;)


As of recently I started watching Kid 'n Play House Party Trilogy.
I can't even front, I don't know what came over me to posses
me to watch it, but I did. (in parts on youtube.com) Damn if that movie wasn't all that and a bag a chips!!! with the dip suckaaa!
I watched all of them 1 through 4, now I must warn you. If you had to watch House PArty...its best you stick to 1 and 3 because 2, was kind of a waste of time and 4! OMG let's not even go there. SMH

House Party (1990): Full Force, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, A.J. Johnson (homegirl in the red jacket) all were involved in the first House Party. This movie right chyea made me want to throw a House Party (unlucky for me, mom was ALWAYS home :\) This was the essence of the 90's. John "Pops" Witherspoon was in here as w
ell as George Clinton (Atomic Dog) . Whats crazy is House PArty was original written for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

House Party 2 (1991): Most everyone from the first film minus Sydney's homegirl. Kid's father in the film Robin HArris in real life had died of a he
art attack so this film was dedicated to him. It was a shit film in my opinion so I dedicate the first film to the dude. Queen Latifah was in this motion picture and the basic jist is Kid and Play throw a House Party in the dinning hall of Kid's college campus and its a Pajama Party.

House Party 3 (1994): Kid 'n Play are grown men now and handling the music industry. Business managers trying to sign a female rap trio Sex as a Weapon. This film is my second favorite from House Party 1. It includes TLC
, Immature, Bernie Mac, and many other cameos. Alot of now big time celebrities got thier first real roles or cameos in House Party 3. This was Bernie Mac's first supporting role as a main character. [R.I.P.] the man was funny beyond natural. Chris Tucker's first role in a film, Eddie Griffin, Joe Tory [Guy Tory's brother],Kelita Smith [the wife on the Bernie Mac show], and Yvette Wilson,[of the Parkers]. Now that I'm writing about all these characters. I think I'm starting to feel a little more love towards 3 than 1.

I watched all of these movies from my iPod Touch in my moms room. She was hogging the computer and what can you do on a friday night when all your plans fell through but to watch some House Party.
I know your wondering,

"Hey Sash.. what happened to your review on 4?"

House Party 4 can suck a Dxxk for all I care. That movie was


In the end, Kid 'n Play were an awesome duo. House Party was the essence of the 90's. down to the attire and slang. I get nostalgic watching this stuff.


I Think I Love Her

Gucci Mane... This one song I might mess with. LOL
Don't judge me son!




Guess who I saw

On a field trip to Grand st. to see the deich Gallery..
Guess who hops out of a NYC taxi cab

...he look about the same. Kinda short and dirty.. Grungy looking.


One thing I hate most than anything.... LIARSS!!!

I'd rather you steal from me, than lie to my face. I can easily tell what you stole but a lie is hard to find.

So I met up with one of my school mates yesterday. Everything was cool.
He was telling me what he been doing, and vice versa. We came upon the topic of rap which tthen I told him

"...I rap too!"
"well go ahead and spit something"
*does her lil thing...
"oo that was fiyah!!"

Anyway he goes on to say that Cory Gunz battled one of my friends.
Super Sideeye
I knew it was a lie , almost as if he was tryna down my friend and big up Cory.. in some way to look better. I brushed off that one.
But as we start talking more his stories sounded weirder and weirder.

The NEXT day I ask my friend just to make sure... he like nah he never battled Cory.
i hit up Dude. He like ooo Cory battled everyone. and fuck it though we in here with him right now. Me and my friend.

"oo word? Take a pic lemme see so I can put it on my blog."

No answer for like 10 mins.
In text time that is super fishy.
He comeback with someting like oo the nigga was like chill so I said fuck it and w.e.


that is the only turn-off especially if I just met you. In a long while. keep it fresh and honest. smh horrible.

I don't want to associate with those types... just keep it 100.
That is all I ask.


Said I Loved You But I Lied...

...Hmm this man sure was a sexy something. LoL... Long flowing mane and wolf chest...grrrllzzz

. SO anyway why I have this up is because of this thing boys and girls do.
Why is it, when you just meet somebody, and you are both feeling each other.
In a matter of weeks you get those "I miss you" Text. Me personally I don't mind it that much. What really catches me off-guard is the, "do you..?"


Normally I would just answer with a plain ol' "No"
But i've come to see the error of my ways. Boys are oso sensitive. SMH
they may walk around boasting and acting like they are top dog, but honestly they are like little babies with armor on. When they are with someone they truly like all that macho facade falls to the ground.

So I've realized when I say No it hurts thier feelings :( But me personally I don't like to lie.
Its a turn-off in a relationship and I try ,y best to keep it 100.

I told my mom this and she said. "I feel the same so humor them!"

*Long Pause*

"but how mother"
"when they say they miss you...give them an awww thanks then change the subject to what they are up to"


So for the most part this relationship thing is something that needs to be studied hard. It can never be easy.. if so. Someone's cheating, lying, or not that into you.



My sister 13 years of age is really into anime and shit like that. Things that we still are into but hide from others cause they might side-eye, buck it tho I tell em' I watch anime and they with it LOL

soo I did a post about her favorite show.

She has really good taste anyway so um check an episode if your tired of
your normal everday routine.
Kuroshitsuji... the black butler... oooo SUSPENSE!!

As for me I'm back into watching my favorite show when we had television.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Basically a spin of the original version coming from a different angle. Imma sound real geeked up right now but, subs are wayyyyy better than dubs. Not particularly this show. The dubbing and subbing are pretty well done... but other shit..*ahem* Sailor Moon, yea.. we don't have to go there.

II i gotta go clean my room cause grandma coming over, she a direct descent from Jamaican woman who are crazy about cleaning so time to dig into my back and find my lil piece and put it to work.



blog tube... lol this me acting dumb on a friday night =D

Uniqlo and St.Marks

chilling in St.Marks
fun times. I realized that I shouldn't buy merchandise like glasses and ch
ains online unless I know they don't retail. Like sell to other distributors.
The same glasses I got off of ebay for 12.99+ S&H could've been purchased at St.MArks for literally half :\
But I did find these really cool Run-DMC-esque glasses. Real Funky

I Just wanted to showcase the craetive and stylish way this mannequin is dressed. Honestly I was looking around uniqlo and just stopped in my strides when I saw Mr. Mannequin.
The green corduroy pants, burgundy sweater checkered & pin stripped shirt n then the tie accents the pants with the green and brown n the tweed jacket to finsih it off. Immaculate!!







the Fifth Element

Something that can demolish a relationship and lead people to goa nd live with animals.
The human race cannot strive if all peopls think about is themselves. Its fine to do that kind of thing when you are alone, but if you are in a setting where you are forced to interact with people it has to come into effect. Kindness. SMH
Don't give that up. Watch people and act on their actions, thats another form of being sselfish. You been neglecting your girl or guy all day then wanna come around a day later and say..." what's wrong?" Sometimes looking and listening can be great senses.

Just wanted to put that out there!
TAKE HEED.... eggo waffle outz!


T.I. .. small and commanding...

oooo this song goes fuckinggg harddddd!!!!!!!! i just got to listen to it
Alfamega love me some'



Empire State Of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys) - Jay-Z

...my anthem.
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys... Her voice is hypnotic

SHIY... ;)

havent been here in a while but I'm showing love to all my followers ad their blogs.
As for me I'm excited as EVER!!!..

I got two tracks. One I feature and one me just messing around and I like em alot.
Yea I'm about to be doing my thing out here in the rap world, so look out for me

The first time I recorded something I kind of hated it and never went back to listen, but these 2 (even though they not exactly what I wanted)
Its still better than before.
Check em out.
Honest Feedback!

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