Asher Roth

I'm on Lupe's blog and I'm analyzing the Dec 2008 issue of XXL Magazine.

and I'm looking at the cover right,. then I wonder... "whose the white guy?"
Not wanting to be ignorant to talent, I mosey on over to youtube.
and heard his freestlye on RapCity.

Kid is nice.

He's from Morrisville, Pennslyvania. and he's signed to SRC Records.
He defines himself as a middle-class white person who grew up with a very health lifestlye.
..or at least thats what wikipedia told me.
at least he accepts it, and doesn't rap about shit he knows nothing about ... ahem "Yung Berg"

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  1. i heard about him a while back but figured probs just anutha eminem wanna be
    anyways i saw the xxl mag cover too and decided to look him up downloaded his mixtape from myspace and bam asher roth was added to the manofsteel playlist


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