A **Cold-Ass** Night Out. Pt.2

So we already blasted... and we enter the theatre  looking for seats..
of course you know me.. I forgot my glasses.

so we sit extra close to the screen.

Now I'm not sure maybe we came late or.. that's just how it started.
but it just jumped right into it.

Basically for those of you who don't know..

Twilight is about some chicka..[Kristen Stewart] who falls for the tall dark and handsome boy [Robert Pattison] in school. Only to figure out he's a vampire [shocker!!]
and his family are vegetarians... or herbivores :o

so she's all about getting her freaky on, and he's like... I'm going to kill you.. why don't you understand that.?

"He's so sexy and mysterious.. like a sexy killer.. i want him in my life"

"I'm evil... I kill... for FUN!!'

She's like.. "I don't care... I want you in my life.. for like... EVER.."

there was this one part in the film though, and me and D were just like.. **cough cough** bullshit...

He was in her room and he said something really creepy.

and she was with it.


honestly .. it wasn't that bad--buh you know when your with friends you must make an ass out of everything yada yada

I recommend pre-teens and freaky ass couples go see this..

mmmm hmmm gurl.. snaps for the kids hey!!!!!!


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