It turns out I can't get the Blackberry Storm...ever.

Well not ever just until my contract becomes eligible for an upgrade, which should take another 6 months. By that time the Blackberry will be trash and I won't want it anymore. because yes. I am materialistic and yes... I do want it before everyone has it. Or at least everyone I know.

So whatever. 
My sis I give big props too though **hands props to sis**

She was on a missionto find that damn phone!! find a way.
Capricorns... determind. **cough Stubborn cough**

So being already vexed I went on a shopping spree.

Spree I tell you.. SPREEEEE!!!!!!!

Its too cold to be walking around.
well it was actually very nice yesterday sunny and shit.
of course when you shop online theres only one place to shop!
...wait for it....wait for it...

yes yes ya'll.

I bought my BFFFFFY his gift
and then decided to cop me some thangs too.
Shopping online is great fun. So next week imma open an account with Chase
Instead of usingmy sister's card hahaha [it was my money on the card... im not that evil.]

U wanna see what I got?
..well then stay tuned.

in about 5 more days I'll let you know lol until then 

1 comment:

  1. online shopping spree? lol. damn right its too cold to shop outside. You aint gotta wait on no line. I feel you on that man.

    plus you don't gotta get trampled by nobody feenin' neither, watashame.

    You should still go for the berry though. new shit might come out, but you can still say you have one, think about it...


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