A Ronald McDonald Christmas.

i decided to write a poem spin off of the classic children' tale "The Night before Christmas"
... I think you will all get the point.

Twas the week before 25th.
and sasha was pissed
because these motherfucks said she had to work on christmas.

No doubt she tried to call out
about 2 months ahead of time.
but when she brought it up again
they said they changed thier minds.

claiming that only those with kids can call out on that day
angry and cheated i felt
because my eggs weren't on display

so i kept my composure and just rolled with the punches
at least i'll have mcchickens with cheese for lunch n'
the happy ass custy's as they order way too much food
n the crazy man who bathes in the customer bathroom... in the nude.

no i wont fret coming home round 5
no christmas cheer for me
because i smell like fries.

Only thing i hope is that they wont get vexed
when i run up in that piece with the mask and the vest
pull out a bag labeled "christmas treats"
and tell the cashier "all the mcdoubles and cinnamelts please"

Then when I'm through spreading good cheer,
I'll end up going back to work the next day
and be greeted with judgemental stares

wondering whats going on and play it cool
they'll ask me to the office as if it were school
i'll denie everything... because i'm hard to see through
even when they show me the camera.. that caught me in the act
with the jacket that read 

"Merry Christmas Muphukas



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  1. They can't force you its part of your religion unless they want lawsuit


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