I'm mad I just realized this smh..

In Kindergaten we did some sort of arts and crafts project right, but I really don't remeber what was the project or any of the details.

All I knew was the class had to get teeny tiny ziploc bags, and put something in it.
I forgot what.

--so anywho. on my way to school at the tender age of 7 or 8 I come across this teeny tiny ziploc bag on the sidewalk.

I was so estactic, because I knew my Teacher... [I believe her name was Mrs. Liebo-something with an L...w.e.]

As soon as I step into the classroom I put my bag away and jacket away run up to the teacher and show her the ziploc bag and how I had found it that morning on the sidewalk.

She looks at me and the bag and looks so pleased. 
of course I'm blushing like "Yea.. I know I AM the shit!" 
Then she says
"Sasha this is great, now do you think you could find about 23 more of these bags for the rest of the class?"

At that point I'm like... "uhh... sure"
not wanting to dissapoint my teacher.


we never finished that project... and it wasn't spoken of. EVER.

I'm 18 and  I was sitting on my bed 30 mins ago and it just hit me.
That teeny tiny ziploc bag, was a nickel bag

I brought my teacher a bag that was used to hold ganja [believe you me I'm not being all high and mighty]

I didn't know what it was I was just happy I got it.

My Teacher was like 40 something right??
and she asked me if I could find some more for the rest of the class..

Umm Hello?? I'm sure she knew wtf those bags held. and the bitch dead asked me to go find some more for the rest of the class.

She probably was already thinking some fucked up shit, "oo i bet you found it...smh, calling CPS on your black ass if you bring some more of those bags"

OMG this is really sad.
I'm looking back on it thinking wow.. how could someone really think like that.
about children??

it reminds me of this book I started reading and never finished... cuz IDK 
I wasn't up to it haha...

Other People's Children
by: Lisa Delpit...

check it out..


  1. you see what im thinkin was this the teacher had a problem
    a drug problem
    but a teachers wage just didnt pay enough for rent AND drugs so she thought she could cut cost by gettin kids to bring in the bags for her

  2. u knw what... i never though ot that :o

    trick... smh


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