lol i got my hair cut again on sunday :] and colored.

i really like it :]

my moms a G.. no gas she really is.
like she is blessed with this talent. she connects with the clients hair and
cares about it.

sometimes when she see's some fucked up thing on a person's head.

.... a single tear rolls down her eye and a dove appears sad reallt :\

and it shows in her kids tooo.. know why??

cuz we say RELAXER .. not PERM ugghhh

that shit really irks me.. a PERM makes your hair curly. A RElAXER straightens it.

think about it.. to Relax... to unwind straight.
Perm.... no

and the people in the hair salon only say Perm cuz if they were to say relaxer you'd be like HUH??

lol imma post the pics later on. going to the movies with Emmers Nana and Whore-Hey OUT!! :]



today was inspection...

everyone lost their shit.

I was calm and collected as usual
*brushes some dirt off her shoulder

ooo look at B's dress =D


sexy :]

she's banking 80 Mil.
this whole year knocking out Madonna...
[4 minutes -chicka chicka 4 minutes]

btw ily this song.


I am not my shirt.

why do people believe that others who are in a business of service can be treated any kind of way without any reprecussions?

I really don't understand where you get the notion that because I'm behind a counter saying "next order please"
you have the right to treat me as if I'm lower than you.

I'm at work today and as always
there's always the twat of the day.

I mean there are many assholes that come in and out... ranging from young to old... male and female

but there is always that one twatters who fucks your whole vibe up.

Today that Twat was some guy. no not a guy a pussy,
and this is not in the sense of having a pussy....but a pussy having no goddamn sense tryna push me.

it wasn't even what he did to me personally. But the level of disrespect he showed to everyone working there was so digusting it made you wanna actually screw up your face and hawk a loogie...


he comes in mad loud and obnoxious talking to who must have been a reincarnation of Helen Keller.

while im talking to a customer he blatantly ignores everyone around him talking about some ol bullshit.
really dude?

then he starts talking about a prior visit he had and how the girl never gave him his hash brown [a whole other story mind you]

Meme gives him this face like "nigga... i don't give a fuck"
so he gets offended and starts spazzing.

Like "Meme fuk is up with your face...oh you must not know. I smack up bitches best believe. fuck outta here you know how i get down ya dig??. i don't care whose here. I'll smak up a bitch spit on her step on her and keep it moving."

then he comes behind the counter and starts talking smack.

so we tryna get him out and Unique takes his order so he can go on his merry way being hood famous.

You know whats worse than an ignorant person.
someone who has no idea what's going on and decides to agree.

This black lady comes outta no where like "Mmm Hmmm"
"i Know you tell em yep. they always like that. word to your mother."

....mind your business.
thats why people always get shot. cause you won't mind yours.

So on top of him yelling im tryna take a order, then some lady starts saying i forgot her hash browns... like


im like ok.. and she still on and on about her hash browns.

like people throw there money at you, have no common courtesy or manners, an expect there food to be there right after they order it, in the middle of a rush. c'mon man.


old people... like WTF???

your always wrong so shutup.

you forget what you order half the time and make up stories about everything.
then on top of that.
when your order is done and rready and everything's perfect you wanna complain and bitch and moan,

...sigh. its not my fault your "over the hill" ...[and almost under it too]

but i mean c'mon have some respect.
then when your rude and nasty for no reason and when the workers us come out with a response your in shock?
"you talk??"

yes bitch I do and i have an extensive vocabulary. so calm your nerves and stop having a titty attack. its only a nickel


zzzzzz out.


OK Mr.Pain I see it :]

i found this song yesterday on my weekly search for new music.

for real i treat my ipod like my bf...[if i had one :[ ]
anyway i need new songs to energize me. it doesn't matter what kind as long as its good.
When i first heard Can't Believe It ft. Lil Wayne
I was like hell no.

but the thing is. If the song is regular the video must make up for it.

and the video made me like the song.

now what do you do if the song is fire already?
don't make a shit video.

Chopped 'N Skrewed ft. Ludacris
T-Pain's new single.

Lets hope he doesn't make the video trash.
cause the song is oh so addictive =D

Chopped & Skrewed - T-Pain featuring Ludacris
here u go have fun <3



MAD DISCLAIMER MODE NOW 8] <---those are me in emoticon form... i got on glasses bitch :]

Shana got a blog now because she saw how it mad me feel good and decided to steal the glory like she always does lol j/k/...not really...maybe.

its called BitterSweet... something another...idk
short term memory.
check it out so i can breakdance on appollo. that's the only way im getting out the hood.

chinkii out :]


F•U•N pt.2

we're in Big K-mart and looking round round and i figure..
u know what this house needs... a family fun time game
its between Monopoly and Scrabble.

after voting and a coin toss Monopoly wins...
its a long ass game that i've never known any one to finish but we get it anyways.
Davidra kinda pays for my cab ride home and im out

head home and then Saturday arrives yay! :]

So i told Whore-hey that me and nana might be coming through to his Rite-Aid to see if nana could get a job.

he was like the only guy on register and it was semi packed. so we waited awhile and i bought some sour punch straws. [i used to fein for those in middle school]

they didn't have any apps. so the manager told us to come back with an application from another rite-aid and hand it in to her. It really looks like she needs the work so hopefully nana might be working there... who knows?

goooood eatins' =D
[thats Gramos btw in all his chico glory :]]

on the train ride back
im extra friggin tired and we're walking past one of my friends house

she was watching me like a predator from her fifth floor window.
so b4 heading home we detour to Amanda's crib.

it was a lot of girl talk and a whole lotta nothing talk, then talk about friends. then shanna had her real estate thing going on and shit.
and then we went home to eat chinese food and watch Randy's Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew and Run's House.
two of my favorite shows.
[and sincce i don't have cable or t.v.
i get to watch them form the mac with little to no interruptions.

and that is the conclusion to the FUNNEST DAY ...so far :o




today was fun =D

and yesterday too

well i got paid on friday right and i was short soooo
i had to fork over 11 dollars :\

cuz me, like a dummas took a fake ten... and knew it was fake too
::shrugs:: ooh well life moves on. on the uppereastside though i got them to cash my check on the spot.

so i did what any woman with sense would do.
call up her gal pals and hit up the strip to shop!!
can u say Sex and the City...Simpson ave edition??
[no?, well try enunciating your words then.]

so me and Davidra went all around the world looking for stuff to buy.. just to buy it.
i was sooo effin hungry so we went to
Taco-Hut-Carvel. [a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Carvel]
soo i bought the food and Davidra bought the drinks
a hard shell taco, and a soft shell taco... and a personal pan size pizza.

the Carvel smoothie are the best.. u shuld buy some indefinetly.
this is "Rockerfeller Raspberry." Davidra had umm some Banana stuff.

so after that i jump on the bus and we head out to ...
for some reason i was extra suspect about shopping at Old Navy again.
Like when i was younger my mum used to shop for me and my sisters clothes there for middle school.
and I absolutely hated the way the clothes fit and how they felt.
like she bought me some pants from there and the crotch of all the pants must've been pissed off at my cooch or something cuz it was always either the waist was too high up or the crotch was too far down... ehh.

but i found some nice stuff and so did D.

didn't leave the store until like...forever cuz the line took forever and i kept wanting to try on things.
but our adventure wasn't over yet.
Davidra suggested going to K-mart.
not just any K-mart.
....more of this adventure later on blog heads
kinda pooped and my eyeballs hurt :]

niteeeeeee !!!!!!!




...whooooooaaaaaaaaa this might be the longest I havent posted anything :O

im sure ya'll have managed to continue your bodily fluids


soo umm chyeah
work this week was really a bitch.

like really

idk i often say oh.." be yourself no matter what" but, sometimes it can be hard.

like if you want to make a good impression.

at one point I thought my manager hated me.

It's one thing when someone dislikes you because you ..oh lets say
you cursed out their grandmother over the phone sunday morning, because they didn't know who marbin was...

but when someone doesn't even know you and dislikes you... thats when it really burns...

i was convinced my manager thought i was incompetent, delaying, not fit for my position, a novice, and plain ol' annoying.

like one morning i had this extremely particular, precise customer who knew what she wanted but didnt know how to express that to me.

kinda like a burp.

i had to give OD refunds and kept messing up orders...
idk if you've ever worked in a Mickey' Dees but that shit gets to you...at one point
i was bout to tear up :,[

but chu know thats a bitch move so i kept it funky and was like nahhh'
thats just the mascara itching my eye... ????

i hate crying in front of people... makes the whole situation ten times worse.

but the next day i was like... OH Fuck this shit...

I'm here to get paid not laid.
meaning: most people who have jobs are prostitutes for their corporations.

and what do prostitutes do? they do their job and get paid...no one likes a prostitute...unless your Richard Gere.

but you end up getting what you want and being satisfied and the prostitute makes her pay for her bitchy boss too.

so anygay next day i was like imma do me and do it well. and not take no shit today.
and guess what My boss wasn't a total bumborass..

the moral is...

Just do you...
and whoever don't like you for that.

fuck em..


Some Random Thoughts

I have a Mac....this ain't photobucket

Sasha is M.I.A

I'm back bitches...

She's sufferin' The McChicken Syndrome...sumtimes she come home smellin' like grease LMAO

Some Thoughts....

A few things on my mind

...Jesus krispy kreme I 'm sorry I don't have a billion pictures of Josh and me doing lovey dovey shit on myspace

like kissing

sitting on a couch

watching tv...

making breakfast...

taking out the trash..




I jus don't have a camera with me for these moments and really who gives a hot shits?! I mean its a relationship...you know private.

Get the camera ready honey, I'm about to take a shit

Why the hell are ppl so racist when commenting on shit on blogs,youtube.etc...If you really think about it. If you don't think black people aren't people and we're "monkeys" why are you leaving comment to "monkeys" aren't you the dumbass talking to monkeys?!

Why bother to hate...I mean aren't you the same people making movies bout aliens and humans and have the same scenario. In the end the aliens wanted to destroy the human race because of our potential to out do them? hint*..... HINT** ...........FUCKING HINT*****

Oprah is gay....I don't care what anyone says ....so is Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, that dude with the cornrows from Day 26

Why does Cassie get a top knotch video and she can't sing and I have to witness Danity Kane and their cheap ass wigs for "Bad Girl" video?!!!!

Diddy is a thief...think about all the artists that made it nowhere with him. It's a long fucking list unless he ressurects B.I.G from his grave, now take that, take that

Wat's with all this do it yourself graphic design....everyone thinks they're an artist caust they work some photobucket tools! *blank stare*

I want to be a graphic Designer and people look at me like that's not a job anyone can do that...WRONG!

You know when you see a shiteous movie only cause the poster and trailer was hot...I'll be responsible for that.

When you decorating your pics with filters and cool fonts...I'll be the one making those things, so you two cent "artists" can feel like you did something extraordinary.

Aim synonyx4000
We can talk bout life, promise not to bite
I really am a angel...most of the time.



idk.. havent been in a blogging mood lately

kinda bummed out.
work sucks.
i wanna invest in shit for the future but blah, yadda yadda

in other news, i do want a lip ring

and im still on the persuasive tip for mum to let me get a tatto on my wrist.

it might happen u never know :|

thats about it for now..
more later on

peace bitch ass muphukaz


Night Mom

Mums in the Hospital :[
she's been in there since yesterday afternoon.
she has a bit of a cough.

She'll probably be back soon, like tomorrow afternoon or so..
so I just wanted to give a shout out to Mommy Dearest :]

srry its on its side 

goodnite sugarlumps z_z

...on a side note.. i felt that i should show some more of my art work..

just visted this guys page and holy beh jesus
its pretty good!

so here ya go lol

 ^basically David was like,  "Dude ...Where's my tattoo.."
and I was like "umm..idk, can i get a pen and paper."
and that is why i draw :].

Look what i found =D

umm Raphael i believe..he was just chillin behind some pens and pencils..

okay off to bed... 


MTV ...you suck

from the title it explains itself..

MTV you suck really bad when it comes to doing stuff thats out of the ordinary now a days.

like idk why i keep falling for your lies.

your like an ex that keeps telling me the bullshit I wanna hear.

like you do stupid shit... just for the fuck of it.
and i get mad curse you out. stop talking to you.

then when you come back around im all over you again.

...I want my MTV :'[

so to sum up the VMA's
it was dookie. the stage was hella small... like they used recycled aluminum foil for the decor.
I think Jamie Foxx was on something.
and the British dude was ...he was pretty okay actually.
The guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

i think you have to watch it to get the full effect cha know?


Rihanna opened the show with Disturbia.


it sucked.

I'm sorry Rihanna "Stan's" out there but she did.
no doubt Rihanna is bad.
but singing is not her or my or any ones cup of tea.

In other words her and Cassie should come out with an album.
but no singing involved.
just beats and pictures of them in their clothing.
i know i'd buy it =D

Britney and Jonah Hill did their little skit.

i love this guy. lol

Britney has a bump :]
she looked really nice at the awards.
I mean she was missing some tracks.. woulda made the weave look fuller, but still.. she killed it.

oo yea i figured this out last night lol
Beyoncé is "B"
Britney is "B"
Britney Spears "BS" or "Bullshit"
Beyoncé Knowles or "BK" or Brooklyn which reverts back to Jay-Z
huh? huh?
you can't front Britney was the fucking shit, when she was the fuckig shit.
the two " B's" of the game =D

...moving onward

ummm so it sucked some more..
then the Jonas Brothers performed Love Bug

i was really wondering ...
why are they so fucking pretty
like omg...

That Hello/Goodbye from the Target commercial is my effin jam!!!!
around a minute and 30 secs... it gets sexy!

people say Seth resembles umm Nick? i think
his name is

ignore the sheckzy muffin in the corner..but yea i can see it :]

umm.. T.I. was his sexy self as usual.. looking all kinds of delicious
damn you Tiny.


Whatever You Like / Live Your Life [ft. Rihanna]

WHAT!!..lol that girl made sure she got whatever she liked... milk the shit out the set. lol

Rihanna looked mad awesome as usual.. but as Shanna and me we're crossing fingers in hopes of her sounding nice..

she fucked us up the booty butt cheecks... once again...::sigh::

performed but i felt like the background singers were plotting a takeover..
they over powered her.

The old lady White hair is killer.

umm and then when i thought it couldn't suck anymore...wait!

forgot bout Lil Wayne...
ehh it was lacking.
he performed DONTGETIT with Leona Lewis. [she keeps bleeding love apparently...]
and A-Milli..[it woulda been nice if he let Cory Gunz come out.]
and Got Money T-pain is mad ugly so i couldn't focus. [and i hate the song]

the shit with Kid Rock was w.e. u know regular pegular shit.
DMC Aerosmith type shit.

Christina did a bomb diggity job to... and after a baby.. go head gurl =]
[btw... wtf Corbin?? ewwww]

okay now

just when i thought it wouldn't suck anymore.. im expecting Air Yeezy to kill it.

you know cuz he was bitching and moaning last time.
I recall him saying he's never doing MTV again... or something like that ...ahem.

......are you still waiting for him to rip off his suit like Britney via 2000 VMA's.... pull out a Louis Vuitton BookBag and have Jigga Man and Lupe come out?

....im still waiting too.

can you believe this muddasuckka??

you wanna make a big ass deal last year about how they let Britney open the show and Justin end it.
and you come with this water down diet pepsi bullshit??

I mean at least Britney was moving around. you just stood there... with Uncle Tom's cabin all over your face...[i mean really... its called a razor.]

dont mind me I'm just venting cuz he pissed me off for real. >:\
hop into a pimped out Space Car thing ?

all in all the VMA's have been shit every since
"Its Britney Bitch" went off the deep end...
i think that was their motivation.. and when she said "Oh Fuck this.. i want peanut butter"
so did MTV.

ehh... maybe next year.



Im at David's house with Shanna, and David's mom

watching the VMA's

hmmm.. kanYe and his vocoder are now irking my nerves...umm so far this VMA is w.e.

MTV slacking.

bbl watching t.v.



Umm my sister found Photobooth on the computer awhile back

im pretending like I didnt know that until now :o

WOWW!!!! Photobooth YAYA!!!

that is a drawing i did like 30 minutes ago

The Old Prince

Surfing Blogs and I found this on Anything Goes..

Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

Really Good for a Penny Saver

back to video games


Your A Nigger Too

So Yesterday morning i head into work.. and
Imani was on register when this hispanic guy comes in..
and orders
Hispanic Guy: Yea.. lemme get the 2 for five.

Imani: Huh?

Hispanic Guy: The 2 for 5... 2 for 5 you know that thing in your window...the speacial whatever it is chicken biscuit thing.

Imani: *searches her screen* Sasha come here for a minute.

Me: Yea

Imani: Where's the 2 for 5 Chicken Biscuit?

Me: *Scans screen and presses 2 for 3 Sausages McMuffin*

Me and her argue for a little as I explain.. theres no such thing a s achicken biscuit speacial...we ask if he wants the 2 for 3 special. He's like yeah whatever.

Imani: $3.25

Me: *puts his food on the counter* Have a GoodMorning sir.

Hispanic Guy: *looks at the food like it grew a head and started breakdancing. Picks up the bag and toss it back towards the counter* I want it fresh.

Imani: Those are fresh. they just came up.

Hispanic Guy: No... fresch from the kicthen the cocina fresch.

Imani: Its the morning. we just made those.

Hispanic Guy: *blank stare*

Me: Sir Those are fresh. its morning they just made them, like ten seconds before you came in.

Hispanic Guy: *to Imani* either you give me them fresh.. or I go in there .[or some ol bullshit like that]

So at this point my manager comes to the counter and ask what's wrong. Me and Imani tell her what happens and the guy continues to say I want it fresh from the cocina!

Manager: Listen these were just made. either you take these or you get your money back.

Hispanic Guy: Give me my money back then.

My manager does the refund and steps the the side of the counter while Imani is getting the cash to give it back to Mr. I see him looking at her with this scowl on his face.

Imani: *puts the money on the counter* Heres your three dollars and twenty-five cents.

Hispanic Guy:...*pauses while he picks up his money from the counter*
You know what.. thats why Obama isn't going to win the election.

Imani: Okay...what does he have to do with me?... He's not putting no money in my pocket.

Hispanic Guy: because you people have no respec-

Imani: Thank you have a nice day. Don't forget you bag.

[FYI there was a crumpled up old McDonalds bag he had came in with and set it on the counter top lol]

Hispanic Guy: You Niggers have no respect.

Imani: WHAT YOU SAID!!??

Hispanic Guy: Niggers, Niggers have no respect.

Manager: You can leave now. *she shows him the door..all the while still calling us niggers cursing out my manager*

Imani was heated and everyone was like what happened what happened.

Anyway to put it plain and simple... I don't get how you can come into a McDonalds locateed in the bronx and have the audacity to say.."You Niggers need to have respect." When your a dirty ol' drunk Spanish bastard who lives right around the corner.

I mean when he said it I was like..."woah.. what this nigga on"
but it didn't really phase me. To a certain point you have to know when people are just ignorant.

I mean sure if somebody who looked like Mr.Rogers came in the store with his Mercedes parked outside and called us all Nigger McMuffins, then I would have been hurt.
I would've retaliated. i would've gotten fired or arrested or somethng.
But, your no better than us.
your spanish and to my knowledge. Your Black.
your not white or two shades from it. your spanish. and personally you better pray to God that Obama wins.

you think your so different from us because you speak a different language and come from an island.
I remeber I was in school and this girl was spanish like Dominican or something.
and her hair texture was that of black people
she really thought she could pull off that whole "wet and wavy thing" that most these spanish girls have going for them.

it looked like someone threw condition on coarse coochie hair.
when I asked her.. why don't you just get a relaxer.
"Ay No, thats for black people. I'm not black!!'

like she was so offended.

I'm like bitch. All your shit going to fall out.
and it did. and she still doing the same thing with whats left of her coochie hair.

but seriously. Get over yourself.

Puerta Ricans and Dominicans alike.
I mean you worship our culture. The hip-hop,
the sneakers, the mentality, the exterior. but when it comes right down to giving props. you wanna front like you knew bout it straight from the boat.
Im just saying.
people from Spain don't even consider you to be spanish.. or call yourself Latinos.

man fuck that.
Im a Nigger and your a nigger she's a nigger and he's a nigger. and apparently so is half the fucking world.

put it like this. when shit really hit the fan and its the majority versus the "minority" we all on the same boat.
Cazzarubiaz, Altagracia, Derwan, and Shaquasha.
try watching the 25th hour.
Still think your the shit and better?


Nas - Be A Nigger Too

still on a lighter note something to make you feel better

by. The Dark Rose


R.I.P Don LaFontaine a.k.a The Voiceover Guy

Don LaFontaine a.k.a That Voiceover Guy a.k.a The Guy that does the really cool voice for movies..
coming to a theatre near you

he died of a collasped lung. he was 68.. in his crib in LA.

here some stuff he did.. for the omish of us.. who happene to have a friend with a computer.

Chicken Run

he does more shit but... i g2g so

stop being lazy and search yourself...umm
try wikipedia.. they have everything :]

dueces.. going to the movies for free with emily

lol she has optimum..

and sadly i have none.

*cries in a corner*

ooo... pps off topic..
Pablo Francisco does a mean impression of him lmaooo


just do it.

you know what i hate =\

...wait before i get into that

i work morning shift now and i started today. it was okie doke... a lil boring but
at least i leave and get to have a life.
[oo if u wanna know what i did after work... nothing :} ]

yea so back to what i was saying.

so im surfing blogs and i come across this one girls blog... u know the ..use u al
*fashion runway whats hot in the treets! *streets...don't feel like backspacing

Hey i just notice :o the thing that makes the letters larger or smaller are no where to be found >:[
*we must solve this problem*

oh yea back to what im saying basically

i just hate when people bullshit ...oo
shes on the blog showcasing some girl and the girl is talking about her fashion. she likes to stand out n be different [which is fine, but not when thats the goal..]
and then her responses become more vague and more superficial.

first of all uggs... are fucking dookie stains on the tablet of my eyes. cuz i dont write shit cuz i aint got time cuz my second minutes hours go to the al mig... sorry. ...a millie a millie

like if i couldn't go to jail for it.. pour some kind of liquid on them .. something that would stain..umm
orange juice.. or piss.
[...yes i happen to carry piss in my pocket.. :| ]
but then she's like oo stores like wet seal i dont approve of.. they are bad quality.


"a pink or black razor is an accessory"...


•people on the train call me out sometimes.. cuz im a star•

really? maybe they just want you to hurry up and move so they can sit before the train cuts off a limb? :\
...shoshannnah knows what it is..

but anyways the reason im really devoting all my time to this chick is plain and simple.
fuk the bullshit man.

like im tired. i work with someone who is such a pretender it hurts me.

like you try hard to make everyone like you but in the end you know what.
u get shit bubbles..

for real doing that leads to loneliness cuz you spent all your time worrying if people will like you for this or that..... that you end up forgetting why you like you.

dressing different just so you can "stand out" is just like vying for acceptance.

dress because you like it. and because it fits... cuz lord knows... if jeans could talk.
yes you mr.crack. im talking to you

and you know what i like wet seal!!
they the shit.

and you know what else

be yourself.. and if yourself doesn't work
be someone else.. and you own that someone else.
you own it :]

yea getting off track but i let you know what i mean and if u understood the words that were coming out of my mouth then hit me with a comment.. maybe im bugging :\


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