Michael Jackson selling his stufff

My man MJ selling all his old crap.. i mean awesome stuff.

He has like old things from way back..

way back.

I want it. If only I had this thing called.. "funds"


Tap Tap Music Player

I know I Know.. I have been posting like I'm being held hostage and the only way to hold on a lil longer is to come up with new material and shitt buh who knows..

Maybe I Am...

***em pleh***

yea lol so anyway.

I Love Tap Tap Revenge for iTouch

that is my hand... i was playing in powder!

ANYWAY! Tap Tap is the shit and the songs they have are good eatins!'


The Bomb - Bitter:Sweet

Gettin' Up [Remix] ft. Eve - Q-Tip

Throwback::: Foxy Brown + Jay-Z

"...nasty, well classy still."


Slumdog Millionaire

So Shanna had downloaded the Oscars.

This year was really good. I like how Wolverine captured the essence of the Oscars. 

he made it fun.

[my mother is in love with Mr. Jackman.]

Anyway I kinda slept around teh middle to end part of the oscar where I always do. But I made it to the end.


i noticed how Slumdog Millionaire won like everything.

Like this was 1997 and Titanic was chris browning bitch movies to the left and the right.

Of course we downloaded the movie to watch.

I didn't get a chance to. I was extra tired and got to sleep all day because I didn't go to work =D 


So I just downloaded the album because iTunes told me I should.

Anyway. may I say That album is the sheet.

It's like M.I.A. meets OutKast and has a Thomas Newman baby.

I Love it.

Makes me wanna dance n stuff.

Ooo Gurl. 
 I like 

Gangsta Blues
Jai Ho
and Ringa Ringa 

for now. until I play it out to infinite and hate it.


You On Point Tip?:: Amber Rose


Amber Rose is a Video Vixen and former stripper from the Bronx.
She is currently rumored to be dating Kanye West.

.. But her Tights and SunGlasses game is on *point* [pinky voice]

You can catch her in Ludacris's "What Them Girls Like" video and Young Jeezy "vacation" video.

.."Yo Once again Phife"




im supposed to be buying my phone this weekend.. finally.
Lets hope everything runs smoooth. Which it will not.
[it never does I swear.]

Anyway I hoping to get The Blackberry Curve its my only alternative to the Storm.

and at this point I just want a phone. a number. so
If a guy tries to ask for it.

I can use the excuse "I don't have a cell phone"
and NOT feel humiliated ... cause its oo so true

OO yea.

I Made a list of the things I need for summer time.
Its right around the corner and I'll be damned if I have to look like I'm from the Bronx.
I love my borough no doubt.

But jesus the people here look so much alike it kills me inside.. slowly.

"Jordans, Tight Jeans, Marmots, Fitteds, same shit AEROPOSTALE!!!"

I like it but they just play it put to the max it hurts.

I'm looking for inspiration!! from all over. I feel stuck in a box. 

 Here's some inspiration..

...feel me?

DeJa Vu IceBerg Clothing

It's weird. 

My sister her Boo and I were sitting around chatting nonsense and stuff when we came across the subject of IceBerg Clothing. 

"Remeber that was like the jam in Middle School!.. everyone
 had it!."

The I come across this. 

IceBerg's Fashion line for Men and Women Spring & Fall 2009.

Cheq it out.!



YAY!! KesH!

Yay Kesh.. she's opening up an online store to give out all her vintage shit!!!
n on top of that she needs models and such to model her vintage stuff!!

....buttt.. you have to be from New York.
Umm "I'm like from New York!"
but heres the draw backk...
for some strange reason..

...I neeed to b on this muthafuka.
like butter and toast.

You don't understand. Its calling me.
Its saying Sasha "in Kesh voice"
you need to like.. modelf or me and stuff cause.. your oh so fly.. you know?
"yea kesh I know"
**strikes a B-Boy pose**WERD!


I will be ooo so... awesome.

You ever feel overlooked?
Thats how I feel most of the time cause I don't speak out.

But with this WITH THIS I CAN!!!

...oo Rob. :]

But anyway. Im going to figure out a way to do this.

I will not be denied entry into the awesomeness..!!!!
farewelll...! for now


Timaya for You!!

I was droolin laughing at this.
Oh Boi. He is too much

Jigga Man Mania!!

On occasion I will just go and download full albums that were hailed "best albums of all time or careers."

My most recent endeavor was a Jay-z Escapade.

I was feeling a little down and my mnd said to me.
"Sash... you need some East Coast Authentic Hip Hop to bring you up and turn that frown, into a bad ass smirk :]"

[as u can see]

I'm bumping The Black Album and American Gangster.
I must say.
Dammmmnn Jigga Man.

Now I can understand how adamant non believers in Jay-Z were turned around after The Black Album.

Its like mashed 'tatoes and gravy.

and American Gangster gets me in the mood to..Rap lol.
can u say ..Hova?


Gifted...Merry Christmas

gifted - n.a.s.a. ft kanye west, santogold & lykke li


I love it..
yea I've been listening to it. since like..
last month or whenever I heard about it.
It has like a bizillion plays on my lil sister's Ipod.

Onlii cuz I have no iPod of my own..

[tears up]

Please don't judge me :[

I'm only 19 from the Bronx and Funky Freshed dressed.

Like...Totally Freak Me Out.!!!

I really must try and kepp up with Appearances I swear.
I was sent an email like a month or so ago from another blog on blogspot, asking me to put a link up of their website
on mii page so people can check it out.They read my blog and said they liked it so, okie pokie. I'll do it.!!!
[insert Royalties here.]"its all about the benjamin's babie..uh huh yea."

i know know know I'm truly late with this but I absolutely love.

Betty La Fea... a.k.a

When I say this is my show.. 

it's funny, and I can't get enough..

good thing I don't have t.v. so I don't have to worry about.. commercial breaks, and..season finale's
because I just get the whole season and watch it back to back. 


I'm feeling it. uh huh yea.
Wolverine and the X-Men.
My friend raved about this show. "Wolverine...is the man.!"

Its cool... i like it.
But I just can't get over my X-Men Evolution days
I mean.. I really really loved this show. 
It was my 80's version of the X-men... 

[sidenote: If you are a comic book fan or a X-men fan, or just a real real big A-hole nutter butter.. please don't crucify my page with crap i liked it better than X-men the really old one.]

Joyful Joyful.

Moree to come... so chyeaaaa!!

OOO yea i have an confession.. i like Soulja Boy lol.
and this beef between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy.. lmao
I think Soulja Boy would MURDER him. :] [in terms of rap]


Lykke Li

A Little Bit

I Like how these "clear people" get down..

I heard Drake's remix on it first. I like it a little more.

little bit remix - drake & lykke li

wat do u think?

Sasha.. suck it..
dryyy [old lady voice]


Happy Birthday Chyeaa

It's mii burthday..
Im Older...

Like 19 is better than 18..
last year this time I was sitting in my couch watching t.v. alone,

Now my T.V. is broken.
and I'm on my iMac Blogging...

Ahhh How times have changed.


I spent my birthday at work.
and did overtimed ohh what a pleasure .

Im going to celebrate Friday and Saturday.
My new Jam. 
Blame It. - Jamie Foxx..

and this weekend is exactly what I'm going to be doing.
My mother gave me a condom.. she said keep it in your wallet.

Im getting old...
So much nonsense happened this week its unbelievable,

summing it up.
  1. on monday a lady in drive-thru tried to fight me.
  2. on tuesday my manager was making me feel like extra shit..
  3. today both my friends went at each others neck and almost quit.
  4. i worked overtime

So  yea.. That was MCDonalds drama.

now personal drama omg.
  1. Monday. My phone bill is 1500... becaus emy lost phone I "DEACTIVATED" was activated and the bitch ran up my bill...
  2. I decided that day I was gonna hunt her down and kill her. she lives in Mt.Vernon and her name is Kassandra.. oh yes. [I don't play]
  3. They trying som funny shit with my mom at her job. Framing her for theft. sSMHh
  4. My sister went to see her boyfriend on my birthday.. again.
 now the last one isnt so bad. It just showed me how lonely I am.
I in DIRE NEED of a boyfriend. 
I'm desperate, I'm even looking to the ashy handed african cab drivers who alwwwwayyysss seem to wanna talk to me.. smh. 

thats it for now.. and I don't feel like editing shit.. so suck it.

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