Taylor Launter

Taylor Lautner...
February 11, 1992.

i know...
Don't get too overwhelemd ladies..
and some guys Owwwww chicka wom wow


Lets Pretend..

like I've actually been blogging non-stop =D
***blogs blogs blogs blogs*

there that should make it up lol.

OMG I am in love with Qaadir a.k.a Timaya on youtube.

Remeber that post awhile back on Sasha Fierce ??

Yea well afterwards I started watching him more... the man is tooo funny like,
I can't stand it.

Maybe because he acts like most of the people in my immediate family.
That I find him exhausting TUH!!

Checc out some of my favorites 

I think this one might be a little more funnier to me, than anyone else.
only cuz I work at McDonalds.

If you aren't one of those closed minded people, [which im pretty sure at first glance you would've been hopped off this blog\
you can find him funny noooooo doubt.



Cadillac Records

So I Just finished watching Cadillac Records.
and I have to say it was really good.

It wasn't all dramatics. Drawn out, and heart wrenching.  Like most films in this genre. which is a breath of fresh air. Being that it doesn't have all the other characteristics of most of those music films based in the 50's 60's it's a new take on it. [ooo weee you like how I get down with the reviewing skills nuh ?]

I Like how they hyped up the film of how Beyonce was in it. I figured it was going to be based around Etta James.
But thats how they trap ya see...
You don't see B until you forget she's actually in the movie.

and Bam!!
Honestly, not to even give ammunition to the Beyonce stans out there but.
Beyonce was excellent in her performance.
Her *ahem* intimate scene with Adrien Brody, was so authentic.
I was believing every minute of it.

Now as for Eammon Walker's portrayal of Howlin' Wolf in the film, was I the only one kind of scared of this man?

He played the shit out of his character.
At one point I was like. "Is this man like this on the regular?"

Now I'm not trying to do a run down of all the characters of this movie.
Hell No...
Best believe a girl got shit to do. But I will put out there that my man Mos Def. Most Definetly ha
s the talent, to kick the ass of any of these cornbread actors in the business now. 

I mean he didn't even have a huge part in the film, but the little he had. He worked with it.
All in All

Cadillac Records is a great movie in my opinion. I was a little scared though that Beyonce over cook it. But she fought that temptation with the quickness.

This is Sasha  Fierce and I give Cadillac Records a 9 out of 10.

Yes [ft. Pharrell Williams] - Lil Wayne

Steal It. :::Yes - Lil Wayne:::

Lil Wayne and Pharrell doing it big.



Hey Guys! 
mad late with the new years greetings but... 

So What?!?!?!

My New Years was filled with family fun. I say that two sidedly LOL.

We dipped to a restaurant on 86th street called Land.

It's a Thai Food Restuarant and very delicious dishes are served there yummm! :D

After that we went back home. Now if you were in New York During New Years Eve You would know how muthafucking cold it was outside.
I mean bitch was not playing around.

It felt like the scene in The Day After Tomorrow.

When the mutherfukers in the helicopter just froze over like popsicles... smh.

So because of that most people didn't wanna go out and do anything. It was understandable, but I was pissed.
I wanted to get hella drunk and throw up everywhere. haha Happy NEw Years.

But instead we all stayed home.
Mom tried to cheer me up, asking if she could buy a bottle and invite sum people over.
I was like.. nah mom its ok thanks though.




so on and so on. 

I have a new muse.

Lady GaGa

but I really really like her.
Her videos make me wanna
head to the D train n have a party
in the subway.
"Beautiful, dirty.. dirty... rich... rich... dirty.... dirty... beautiful"

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