McDonalds Rant

Remeber.. how back when I first started this blog..
i just used to talk  about McDonalds.. well heres a blast from the past.


Now maybe its me.
But honestly I think people become stupider when they are put in front of customer service.

Like they feel as if they are smarter than you because your job is to serve, but in turn because of thier arrogance, they become dumb.
[my philosphy.]

Anyway back to the story.
So im in Front D/T right and it was last week friday this happened.
The weather man said it was going to be a snow storm at 9 right.
9 came and passed and it was not any snow at all.
so im like.. [u dumb shit]

then it was od snow out of nowhere.
but b4 all that bullshit.
it was raining I believe.

This elderly couple drives thru orders 2 decaf coffees and  pays their money.
Now I go to make thier coffees and have it sitting on the inside of the drive thru waiting for their elderly ass to hurry the hell up and get em.

as soon as I see them pull up I open up the window with the quickness and hand them the coffees.
Mind you it is already raining and mad cold liquids are sprinklings on me and it feels like ice picks.

The old dude rolls down the window. and I swear before the window is visible enough to pass his nose he barks out 


[for those of you who are virgins to the ways of mcdonalds.. we have drink bags that we hand out to customers who have two drinks or more, usually we don't do this in drive thru because. you have a fucking car with cup holders.]

So I'm looking at him like "you old crusty fart."

now at first I was going to put the coffees in the bag and hand it to them but I was like


"these bum-ass custy's think they can get away with anything they like. Think they can just demand things rudely as if im not human. as if its not below fucking zero in sum freezin ass weather, while they got on coats and car heaters.!"

"goddamnit NO!"

So I turn around and Hand them the plastic bag  "here"

He looks me as if I committed the ultimate sin.

"what?!" he replied.

"Here..." I said handing him the plastic bag looking directly into his eyes..

"Uhm your supposed to put it in".. the old lady bag next to him says.

"No, Im not, its a courtesy. You have hands right?"

"The manger always puts it in, when I ask"  The old man replies with a snort.
a scowl was growing on the face of the woman next to him.

probably growing impatient at the girl in the black mcdonalds hat and the breezy rain through her window.

So we go back and forth and in the end I jus say ..."man fuck it" I put the coffees in the bag and continue to smile.. hand them the bag and smile with a "Have A Nice Day"

The man takes his coffees, gives me one last look before the window actually closes and shouts out.

"You fucking dumbass!"

I push the window back open and shout to the man and his wife 

and close the window.
He continued to curse, but I was satisfied with my comeback.

The moral of the story is children,
when people are assholes for no damn reason, 
and you think maybe its because of the seasons,
and you try your best to put on a smile,
but they just irk u no matter what all the while.
just take my advice when they wanna get smart,
"listent o me mother fucker I'm just playing a part, 
in the big scheme of things I'm meant for more.
So take ya decaf coffee and split for the door.
you old ass bastard..."

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