Really kanYe?...

I was just talking about this guy friday at work.
I was saying how him and Jay-Z need to stop this.. "grunge hop" look of crusty face and choppy hairline.

I don't mind if you'd like for your hair to look that way or your beard.
But negroes it don't work when both the hair and beard look corn-beefish.

Its kind of gross how it looks.
maybe on a younger fella.
I hate how people think.." well i got it like that... so I can pull off anything."


it doesn't work.
He's mad red like him and Suge had an agreement. "nigga i won't buss yo head open.. as long as u wear all red at one of your shows."

I'm sorry.. not today kanYezille


  1. LMAO! this is sooooooo true. this look doesn't work for everybody. i mean, i'm not knockin him for wanting to do the grung thing. but even the grung look requires a little grooming. nigga looked like he ain't shaved or combed his shit in weeks. not cute.

  2. lol...yea i saw a guy (presumably a bum) on the train that kanye and jay-z borrowed their new look from...

    lol...yea the cornbeefish look not cool...

    and he is def wearing a lot of red...


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