Kindness for Cowardace

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities"
...Uncle Ben

If that isn't the truth I don't know what is.
I swear this promotion has sparked so much damn drama in McDonalds you would think Ronald bitch-slapped Hamburgerler.

Let me say this now.
People will hate on you because of three factors.

  1. insecurities
  2. jealousy
  3. envy

If you have someone who suffers from one or more of these symptoms. Tell them to shove it where it don't shine.

The first day I got my shirt I got "oh congratulations" and "great jobs" from almost everyone in the store.
Everyone else either didn't say a thing or just looked at me and cut thier eyes.

For the people who did give me thanks you and stuff I greeted them back just as happy.

If you know damn well you weren't happy for me to get my shirt then PLEASE do not put on a front as if you gave a shit.

Just keep it to yourself.

Don't give me fake ass compliments to make yourself feel better, because honestly you just end up looking phony as ever.

There's this girl at my job, now this bitch is like 23 and for some reason wants to jock strap me now that I've gotten my shirt.
The first day I got it she was one of the ones to give me congrats.
(phony muthafucker)

I said something to her about making sure she gets her food for drive-thru and now she wants to say..
"oh now she got her shirt she think she got some authority"

first of all.. I would've, and HAVE told you this before I got this godforsaken shirt.
So now that I have the shirt you think I'm abusing the shirt.

No, your just going to use my shirt as an excuse of abuse of power because you don't want to listen to a 19 year old crew manager. Yet and still "congrats on your shirt.

Fuck the bullshit.

On top of that!
The last week before I had given her 3 dollars for lunch.
Mind you it don't really matter to me because money is money and if you need I'd lend it to you.

So Last Friday we had a disgusting rush.
Like from 12 straight through till when I left.
I mean nonstop

Not even enough time for me to have bathroom break and not come back and see my screen filled with orders.


quickly lemme say this. Theres this old ass BGW bitch {BGW stands for Big Gay n in the Way}
Her name is Anette and I swear to GOD she acts like a goddamn child.
She has been complaining about me since the beginning because I was on my way to crew trainer and I had more privileges and still in my regular shirt.

SO anything I do she's going to have a problem with it.
We had like 3 meetings already.
The last meeting I bust her ass with my keen listening skills and bad ass verbal actions lol.

Okay back to the story

the most disgusting rush ever.

My manager Meme transfer me from the kitchen to the front counter. In my opinion I think she just got tired of being up front and nothing changing.

so Im in the front and its fustrating because its literally the never ending rush. and its hot as fuck.
I tell this dumby in drive-thru get her orders.
she say

"how I'm suppose to get it if your dumbass keep taking the fries" or some shit like that.

I'm like.. Bitch just be quicker.
Your slow.
so we go back and forth and I end it by saying. If you want to continue this argument by yourself go ahead because I'm done.

Finally the demon rush is over and I can continue with my life.
There is this big group of ghettos outside of the McDonalds and I'm just like.. man I can't do this shit for long.

I see the dumby from drive-thru and she's there with these two other girls I know.

Later on I come to find out. The Bish was straight up Plotting on my demise.

Like she brought the girls to come "work it out"
But I knew both of the girls she was with and whatever she had planned for ME.
they weren't with it because I'm cool peoples.

Im sorry if I'm really getting into this McDonalds bullshit.
But For heaven sakes. ITS ONLY McDONALDS!!!

Like people definitely take it to the butt.
N must think I do also.
NOOOOO I take my role how I'm suppose to professionally.
If you don't like it. Kick Rocks and quit.

Ughhh.. I go back to work tomorrow and I dare a hoe to say some really slick shit out there mouth.
I have no time for nonsense and I can't be around dumb niggas to long.
I think I'd catch an aneurism.


oo btw.. I feel like drama will ensue in due time. smh for that one.



I actually really enjoy this song by Keri.

Not for nothing. She is a "dazzling" woman and I like her style.
But.. for some reason I cannot listen to her. Its not like her voice is shit or anything.

She just doesn't have that Aura... that appeal to me as a an artist.
But I'm thinking twice with this song. :]


..moving on up

Hey guys.

I got promoted..

...oo la la.



thanks mama dukes

guess who got their tax returns!!!....

if u guessed me!,,

your wrong ]:

its mi mummy dearest!
n guess wat she got mii {:

iPod TOUCH!!! [=

it wasn't like I wasn't expecting it. but..
The way she had presented it was really creative!.

Nana: "I couldn't find my iPod this morning I was dead sleeping and I couldn't find it!"
Me: "you already know I have no iPod and I took it....don't act brand nu."
Mom: " why are you always taking other peoples iPod without asking!"
...at this points she walks out the room. all the while repremanding me.

I'm about to strike back with the fury of a thousand suns and then she comes in.

Mom: "Gosh Sasha, you just need to stop doing that.. Thats just the reason why I got you your own.!"


it was wayy more theatric than that.
but ehh.. use your imagination.




let me say this.. alotta things piss me off. BUT when I say this really GRINDS MY GEARS..
it really truly and honestly does.

Soooo Im on Sesilee Lopez page right..

and I'm looking at her followers.
I see this girls page, now I'm not going to put her on blast but, I will say she's very into her African power and embracing things that are natural.

...From the jump I knew I was in for some ol' bulllshit.

I'm looking through her page and she has these videos of Black women.
and Videos on different ways to style your hair if its natural which is all fine. I mean whatever. Kudos to you and yours. Help a sister or brother out whatever the case may be.

So I continue to scroll and I see a pictures of the Relaxer Dark & Lovely.
[I had used that relaxer... really not my cup of tea but w.e.]

Then I see she posted pictures of Black women with what seems to be relaxed hair.
As I scroll futher down I see a picture of a woman with her scalp missing som
e hair.. then I sctoll down and find a picture of a lady blad as ever with mad scabs and shit all over her head.

Then she goes on to caption:..
Stop the hair!! For those who dare not take the plunge ..(the hair requires more care than the maintenance of natural hair! because the hair is in a chemical attack)

_______________*ahem* FLATLINE___________________

Really Bitch?? How did I knowwww you were going to be the one.
how did I know??

I swear its like people who claim they embrace their origin and are fine with who they are SURE DO SEEEM
to have a huge problem with everyone else.
I wrote her a comment that was extra long.. I had to vent on that chicka when I saw her post.

Honestly just because you have natural doesn't mean your any better than any other black person. it just means you have natural hair..
It takes the same amount of care and maintanance as hair that is "chemically attacked"
It's not like you can just wake up with natural hair and be on
your way.. NOOO m

It will take some staying up lateon a sunday night arms aching trying to get them little guys twisted up right for School/ Work or wherever your ass was going.

cut the bullshit mane smh.
and stop saying "That's why black people like that now..!"

No thats why your like that now..
stop worrying about the race cause no one id putting the weight on your shoulders, You wanna be a Hero start with yourself.


When My hair was natural. Threw some color in there to make it come alive
I threw the extensions in so the color could grow out.
Right after I relaxed my hair after being natural.

The edges need a touch up.. BUT my hair is healthy.

xxxxx FUCOUTTAHERE xxxxx

A Whole lotta Fuckery...

Man oh man.

This weekend was all kinds of stupid \:

[as you can see I do my smileys like this now >> |: <<>

So if you didn't know, now you do. I was planning on going to this party in Brooklyn.
It was a rented house party. shit was supposed to be live but IF YOU KNOW ME!!
I always seem to fall through with plans. SMH

We ended up linking up with my new "dealer" n hitting up 42nd to watch Madea.

[BTW that movie was the shittest piece of work I never had to pay for.]

Me and my friends were "those people" in the theatre.
[Loud ass People!!]

Any way I went home and it was a good ol' time.

The next day I hit up the boy who had really wanted me to go to the party.
lets call him Bape.

Bape's like : "what happened to you?"
Me: " yea couldn't make it, I woulda got there like 11, 12"
Bape: "ooo wow"

Now lets just say yall know the deal... he likes me I think he's cool lets see if something sparks!!

Me: " we should chill.."
Bape: "yea."
Me: " wanna do it today?"
Bape: "yea imma get ready."

So fastforward
*8;sioahglkajdg;aiur;gobambvbo; w9UR'I0j f;vlxvb 'PH IVRBJKH'GO9FYHJO **

Im in front of Wendy's I go across the street to use the pay phone cause you know me!

No Cellular nonsense for me
I like pay phones.. its like the lottery never know if you might get a dial tone.

after like 30 mins I decide to go outside. He just pops up!.

Bape: "Hey! you didn't see me??"
Me: "...no"

We kicking it outside of Wendy's and he's telling me about the party .. [sounded like mad fun!]
Then he's like let's go inside my friend in there.


ummm ? who

Yes his friend.
I was really stumped when we went to sit and his friend was there playing on his kick.

Please, please guys let me know.
Does this make any kind of sense.
I mean I don't ddo this often but theres just something inside of me that knows the difference between right and wrong.

When two people are interested in each other,
and one person proposes a get together of the sorts.
Do you...?

a. Go solo dolo
b. Bring your bestest Buddie along for the third party wagon.
c. Stand 'em up.

if you picked anything besides a..
go to hell.

It was so effin AWKWARD for me. OMG
I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. It was just like I didn't even want to try to seem interested. I was so ...just in AWE.. like

"really man?? awww really? like??....OMG!!"

Then his other friends were in the area and they had a reunion. I was just like...
man... This some ol BULLLSHEET.


after that I left.. well we went our seperate ways after veeryone kept saying they were gonna leave.

and no one got up to move.

ooo k?

I was just like well at least being alone on the train wont be as wierd as that experience.

But it did turn good.!
I met up with some old friends from Highschool.
and we had a jolly old time ragging on each other.! [:

WELL... w.e. for now I hit him up like..

Me: "y did u bring your friend??
Bape: "ooohh man?? why u didnt tell me u wanted it to be just us???"
Me: .....this aim session has ended due to the other persons pure astonishment of Bape's Naiveness...

More LAtA!!


You On Point Tip?:: Sessilee Lopez

Sessilee Lopez, of Dominican and Portugese heritage is a model with Major Model Management [NY]. She just turned 20, and lives in Jersey.

Baddd.. Bish.

She was featured in the epic Italian Vogue The Black Issue alongside Liya Kebede, Jordun Dunn, and Naomi Campbell.
She was first featured on my Myspace lol. =D

go on then girlfriend work it out!
I dont necesarily like this picture but if the boy next to her isn't all kinds of sexy and a soda on the side then IDK what is!

"Yo Once Again Phife!"

::pics courtesy of www.SessileeLopez.Blogspot.com::

she told me to do it!



So I just got off theYBF.com and I must say I absolutely love love love this site. I get reliable info on black celebrities that isnt all bullshit like. .. ugh "mediatakeout" GROSS..

I know I haven't posted shit about the whole Chrihanna escapade cause honestly.. I didn't give a shit. I mean its sad or whatever but, they not paying me for my two cents.

umm yea.

so if you guy are willing to know what actually happened to Rih Rih and Chris Feb.8th I suggest you check this out.

"boy Howdy"
that man is one crazy muthafucc. smh.



Sneaker Con :: S.F. Version.

I heard about Sneaker Con last minute because ...

I always hear about everything last :\

I decided to have my own online "sneaker con" :]

Kanye West :: Nike Air Yeezy
Zen Gray/ Light Charcoal
Nike foamposite Lite Dark Neon Royal :: One Penny Hardaway

Reebok Reverse Jam Mid Eastern Edition

Nike :}}

Vans Vault Chukka del Barco :: Fall 2009

What do U Think :]


Broccoli City

mmmm.. does the body gud!

keeps you strong and healthy =D

now you can wear it!
Broccolicity clothing.
An organic T-shirt clothin line that enforces the "Go Green" movement. They state in thier BIO they are in no way tree-hugging, radical movement group. Just bomb ass t-shirts co. that helps bring focus to the environment through trend setting clothing.

They use 100% organic cotton and high quality eco friendly INK.
You can shop online or link up with thier blog for upcoming events in a city near you.

JU do.. know that!

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