Omg omg omg!!! >:ooo

Harry Potter and The Half- Blood Prince Trailer <3333333


dont watch it on youtube.. or onsmash or no shitty ass stuff like that

got to apple.com/trailers and experience the goosepimples like i did :]



Common - Announcement [ft. Pharrell]

ily this song.. heard it a while back now they got a video..
reminiscent of a young Biggie

the sexiness and yes... them girls can pop

oh yes.... saw this vid on Shamz...
was a lil skeptical at first buh u tell me

kudos :]

What the Duche

Why are yall so fucking annoying >:[

i mean you know damn well everyone doesn't watch t.v. like they used to because of the bullshit
they substitue for entertainment. and now kanYe's Vid i can't even experience without it being taken down...

it was really good to :\

its like 3:03 and i gotta be to work at 4... which means im going to be late..

because at this very moment I am in a sweatshirt and underwear.. {grrwwwlllzz}

*whispers* i know u want it

ooo look at this :]

sexy i know

this is my prom dress right :]

[best believe i will be wearing that to an event later on =]
[oo btw don't mind the dirty as floor.. we were remodeling]

and look what i found....

aha!!! my suspicions were right!
Tocarra is wearing my exact same dress in blue..

this can only mean one thing..
she's stalking my wardrobe and planning to overtake my identity to corupt the world... :o

ehh its understandable i mean... i am awesome ^.^


okay lemme bounce before Pimp Ronald come knocing on my door...

you know its hard out here for a trick

i leave you with the song of the moment

Clap Your Hands - A Tribe Called Quest





Good Morning

kanYe West Video for "Good Morning"

idc what people say..
i like it better than "Champion".


New LAyout

spent all day yesterday doing this new layout... hmmm ?_?

nite nite


Healing Quite Nicely

Okay the the gash in my forehead is healing nicely thanks to moms quick think and frozen peas..
it looks like a battle wound you know...


and i just figured out how to make a movie...i will post soon son

im out like a sperm..

...eww thats disgusting
..oh yeah swallow my words and head my saying if you odn't know by now
im the fuckin shit... sorry
just thought i should mention for those who forgotten :]

fuk my bluetooth isnt working...
Ohh yeah My Shit i keep it on repeat :]

Little Jackie - Black Barbie =D

this song is the shizzle.. the lyrics are funny

sorry for this monster of a playlist but idk how to get the cute little auid ones :[



First of All I Pay Respects to those that passed..

Mr. Bernie Mac ( Oct. 5, 1957 - Aug 9, 2008 )

Mr. Isaac Hayes ( Aug 20, 1942 - Aug 10, 2008 )

Mr. LeRoi Moore ( Sep 7, 1961 - Aug 19, 2008 )

Ms. Stephanie Tubbs Jones ( Sep 10, 1949 - Aug 20, 2008 )

Some of the most accomplished people of our time are passing away so quickly...
they say bad things happen in threes and I didnt want to post this until I was sure... adn here you have it. not only three.. four.
God rest there souls and the families.









... :,{


decided i would give you a taste of what i believe are the best albums of 2007../ 08
its not in order of anything.

I was just bored and tryna get a lil bit more time on the computer before i realize i have shit to do.. [oop... too late oh well :]

anywho here we go :]

Seeing Sounds
fav tracks:
•Love Bomb
•Sooner or Later

for real this album is the shit... every track makes me wanna
do something productive. like buy a metrocard that will last me more than
2days :]

Chris Brown
fav tracks:
Take You Down
•Hold Up

I heard this version before the "forever edition" so fuck you.
I like it alot. I mean alot alot. it gives you a sexual feeling. i think thats what Mr. Brown was going for. mmm hmm... i see you Chrihanna.
[btw: the video for Forever made me hate the song.]

Extraordinary Machine
Fiona Apple
fav tracks:
•Extraordinary Machine

Holy shit if you didn't fucks with Fiona before
i advise you to do so now. her album is so emotional and another adjective, that it makes you wanna have a boyfriend just to break up and make songs about him.
she made this album due to problems with her label and breaking up with her producer. It's not love dovey "i miss you" shit its something awesome.

Tha Carter III
Lil Wayne
fav tracks:
•Let the Beat Build
•3 peat

Stop hating please. I mean I know people love to hate him and hate to love the man but please give it up for this album.
it is beyond Lil Wayne indefinetly. Tracks like 3peat and Comfortable just get you right here *points to heart*

Janet Jackson
fav tracks:
•So Much Betta
•Can't Be Good

For those who didn't even give miss Janet the time of day
I advise you to rethink that move. Holy Shmacks this album wil have you rocking. Shit it had me rocking

fav tracks:
•What I Got
•Come Around
•20 Dollars
• Bamboo Banga

Named after her mother this album kills it with beats and rhymes.
Every track is so hard. Deadass this is something more people need to listen to.
music like this just to rock to an alternative.

It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Maroon 5
fav tracks:
•Back At Your Door
•A Little of Your Time
•Nothing Last Forever

Sex album. I think they're freaks.
This album has alot to do with woman and sexual acts and *ahem*
Kiwi? have you ever read the lyrics?

Britney Spears
fav tracks:
•Heaven On Earth
•Why Should I Be sad

Why do so many people forget that Britney is the shit.
Sure she went slightly crazy and is a thieving hoe.
But she makes hella good music.
and this album proves that without any doubt.
Danja Timbaland's protege deserves an award for what he did with Britney.
Download this album if anything.

and here's some more albums yall should look at.
I know most of us forgot about CD's and those who still go outside with CD players
are thought of to have a mental illness... or some shit.

Back To Black
Amy Winehouse

•Back to Black •Me & Mr. Jones •Wake Up Alone

Night Ripper

Girl Talk

•Bounce That •Once Again •Smash You Head

[this actually came out in 2006 but its still really good]

The Odd Couple
Gnarls Barkley

•Whatever •Going On •A Little Better

Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams

•ChampangeChronicNightcap •Sandcastle Disco •White Picket Fence

Mark Ronson

•Oh My God •Stop Me •Toxic

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
Lupe Fiasco

•Little Weapon •The Coolest •Hello/Goodbye [Uncool]


We Are Pilots
Shiny Toy Guns

•Le Disko •You Are The One •Don't Cry Out

American Gangster

•Blue Magic •I Know •Hello Brooklyn •Say Hello

and that's about it... ya nah mean.
I would've put Usher album up here.
but that shit was beyond garbage.
I mean it really was low for Usher.
Special Shout Out to LimeWire :]


New :]

You know what

i know you don't so im going to tell you =]

Im going to start another blog.

i know i know why sasha?

well i'll tell you why goddammit!! >:o

because i want to write about myself and everything i like.
but its like mad shit i want ot write and i have too many ideas and visions and likes in my mind to just have one blog.

this new blog will be about what im interested in. like the music i listen to, fashion, people
basically what i notice on the other blogs.

but don't get gassed. it won't be like all the other blogs.. for it will be better,
it will be so awesome that you will quit your jobs and live off of top ramen and cereal.
and my blog. :]

soon come...



what what is it?

do i have a sign that says
"yes i want to talk to you"
"please burden my existence with 10 wasteful minutes of you spitting 'game' to me"
when in all that time i could've gotten home.

I'm so tired of the men on my block.

old ass afrika bambattaa, ll cool j, r.kelly muthafuks.

coming home from work and im walking home on the concourse.
I have my ipod blasting and i hear someone calling me.

my vision is fucked up and its dark but i keep on walking but the calling persist.
so i think maybe its someone i kno.
i stop and wait and to my foolishness it is someone i dont know.

and worse than that.
he's a old guy.
and he's facially impaired.

"Oh I just wanted to know your name. Cuz i see you around all the time but i never get to talk to you cuz u always got your headphones on."

you've seen me around. all the time?
i barely leave my house if not for work.
or hunger. and even then i have my minions do my bidding.

anyway i just dont understand it.
why do old men always want ot chat to me.
i mean

i know i look more mature than my age but really.

why why whyyyy
what would make you think i would even consider your old Uncle Ben looking ass ?
i do not want to talk to you.
you cannot have my number
and i will not call if u give me yours.
i should just spazz out one day.

I Swear to ...

i swear my landlord is braindead.

I came home yesterday to find that this asscrust has installed a bar over our apartment building door..

i mean i heard construction earlier this morning but he actually went through with it.

let me explain this dude has fixed this door multiple times and yet and still he doesnt realize it wil be broken as soon as your gone.

before it just used to be a door and you just walk in.

then he installed a door that has to  have a lock and key.
which is fine.
but then he distributes one key per household and its $10 to get it remade.. just for one !
fuck that do you know what i can do with $10? 
 and on top of that fuckery the duchebag doesnt install an intercom system.. so just in case we dont have the key instead of beating down the door and all that jazz we can just get buzzed in.

its winter,

in NYC.

soo yea i wanna get inside my house ...with no heat so i can at least pull the covers over me.

like everyone else.
so the people outside broke it down.
the lock at least.

then Pjeter fixed it again.
they broke it

then they broke it again and he fixed it... again with no intercom.

so i finally thought he would buy the intercom after fixing mad locks.

but oh no.. the dookie head puts up a GATE!!

its a gate... in front of my goddamn door.
like a prison. a fucking Gate.. and
guess what ?!

it locks from the inside.
and the outside.

people can't get in or out without a key.

i came home last night like WTF??

:throws a broken ipod agaisnt a wall:

he such a dummas i swear to god why whyyyy 
do stupid shit over and over when u can just do one smart thing?
huh can someone plz explain??

so watever like i said they would've broken it down.
and they did.

they broke down the lock now we can get in and out.
Godforbidd there was a fire,..

how the fuck are we supposed to escape.

find the key in burning flames?
come on dummas.



Im taking my MATH A REGENTS... in about 8 hours

lets see if i pass...


McChickenz out [*-*]

sheckzy time yah *borat


The Rest

...heres the rest of the pics from saturday
have fun..

You are here ::points to armpit:: xD

it was actually more fun hanging in the train station.

not even joking... i know we lost at least a pound in that sauna LMAO


have fun..


I Set My Friends on Fire

Up late as usual and I come across this on


these guys are a riot

you should see thier version of crank dat..
sounds better than the original :]

check em out


nite guys :]


so last night me and my sister got prepared to go out to support my friend levon and his crew's
party. the wreckhouse 3 in 1 party i was talking about in an older post.]

Any way mad shit happened before we even got to the party.
its a regular old day.
I headed down to UniQlo to pick up a pair of jeans for my sister and then me and david went to
buy my board =]] [BTW: its made by blind® and it has a cute reaper dude on the backside:] i love him<3] onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YdhVD4Q9bPU/SJ9eXRp0X-I/AAAAAAAAAO8/B1dsqvW_UOk/s1600-h/0810080229a.jpg">

These were after we got outside...
inside was too dark my little enV couldn't do it
..more later on.


Move Bitch....I mean really I have place to go

Sasha is M.I.A.
So I thought I would take this lovely opportunity to and introduce her first guest blogger.
Drum roll please or retarded motor boat sound or the slapping of the knee, watever you prefer...

Shoshannah (breasts sold separately)

Umm well Here's one of my old rants about the everyday things

Funny Moment...
I was waiting for the D train
I had my Ipod and my arms crossed, body language translation=Don't talk to me, for all you guys who think its the perfect cue to talk to a girl SMH

So its a bunch of people waiting,the train finally comes, blowing my extensions up almost showing my deception. The train doors open
and here's the shit that bugs me
Some fat white woman is in front and in the middle. So you can't slide through the sides. I just waited as she slowly enters the train and slowly scans for a seat...I mean slow
like no one else has to enter the train.
I don't know bout anyone else but that D train doesn't play around if your ass isn't on that train in 2 seconds after opening ur fucked.
But the thing that killed me was that the train car was empty like really "WTF R U LOOKING FOR? DO YOU SEE SOMETHING I DON'T? Why Jesus Why?"

We've all been there, these small little troubles in life that push people over the edge...

If I knew she was gonna hold me up like this I would push her in the tracks before the train came and saved everyone the trouble.

*Shoshannah [myspace.com/synonyx88]

P.S. You ever notice that when you really late and you have to get somewhere on the bus. Everyone that is in a wheelchair, old , disabled, etc wants to get on the bus too?
No Offense to anyone but I think they do it on purpose as if they know.... *creepy music*


So I have been really busy this past week and kind of dissapointed that i didnt get to go to that concert. :,[ if you didnt notice already.
so anywho that one event made me think seriously about where i want to go in the future.
before when people would tell me oo the way you are in highschool is how you are for the rest of your life.
i used to just look at them like "no not really"
i still think that but to a certain point. i believe if you have enough determination to change you shall. i mean you control you and whatever life brings is due in part to choices you make. if you make the choice to be a lazy bum do you really think your going to be balling by the time your 30? nah
that's why im uneasy about my future. it's like i have alot of ability and too much talent to contain. if i try something new im able to have it downpack by like a week. i can draw i can write i can do anything but it doesn't mean shit if you let it go to waste. and throughout my end of sophmore year to senior year that's what i did. i had the mean drawers block [<---is that a word?] and i think it was because i was too busy worrying about what my friends were into rather than what i was into.

but enough of that. Im sure im meant for something more. i mean when i was just a little child i could've died due a disease i had where i couldn't hold down any food at all.. like i was 8 months and i couldnt eat anything i lost alot of weight and when my mother brought me to the doctors they told her it was nothing serious. I reiterate... i could've died as a child but my mothers determination and intuition got me to where i am today. alive.
shit i know i must be meant for something great if i could survive something like that .. and i was less than a year old.. god must have a plan in store for me and i intend to take the blueprints and make it happen.



The alarm clock didn't go off..



Okay Im Gone.. Z_z

going to bed...

rock the bells tomorrow...gotta wake up early

night night sweet things
...hopefully pics will be posted
meh sheckzy self as usual

im out peace!!

ILY My Auntie <3

So around last week or so my auntie had to have surgery on her parts that make the world go round :]
she had a hernia
and they took it out.

couple days later she started feeling short of breathe... brushed it off at first. but then later on decided to got to the hospital to see what was going on.

The doctors checked her over and came up witht the prognosis that she had a bloodclot in her lungs and it should be dealt with immediately.

She was in the hospital for like mad long and afterwards came over to our house to chill with her lil sister and her nieces and nephews... :] ME.. and sumra and seth... maybe kingston iono.

I just have to say this..
my Aunt Bridgette is a trooper.
she knows so many things about everything that you'd feel like a piece of cardboard if you were to ever battle her. especially with health and things of that nature.

Yadda yadda yaddda getting to the point. I just wanted to say that I L-O-V-E you
and I know that the homie J.C. and the O.G. upstairs is looking over you and wouldn't let anything happen to you that you couldn't build from, and make yourself stronger than you

already are! <3.>

I wish I could come up there today to see you but Masa Ronald would cut off my leg if eyez tries to escape....yazzum. [hehehe]
Shout out to the whole Mt.Burning crew.

G-ma a.k.a Graham Crackerz [She gets it crakalating. U dig U Shmell?]

Auntie B. a.k.a "a who left this nassi doo doo crumb panty innah di bathtroom..."
[buss it babay!!]

Khali a.k.a DJ Khaled [she taking over...one myspace at a time]

and Cole a.k.a Suge Knight [he's one bad mamma jamma]

Peace and grease

[forgot to headline the last post... n u can all suck it goddammit ]


[PLATTSBURGH can lick hairy webos...]


I really need to get some sleep... :[
oo well i can sleep when im dead :] and even then i'll still haunt your blogs >:}

so as usual work was a bitch... [a big fat greasy ass...take up two seats on the train in the hot ass summertime when i got like all my damn siblings with me and a big ass bookbag filled with crap bitch]

and guess what i got paid today =] yay!!!!

oh but wait there's more...::GASP::---> .
"More Sasha??"
....yes macauly..MORE!

not only did I slave from 3-11 mon -tues.. then 4-11 wed to sat...[minus thursday]
but i stayed late too and you know what my check looked like>>? ^.^...something like this

SHIT!!... a big heaping pile of it..
::lmao at pic::
$131.85 for 5 days and 27 hours..[i didnt show up on monday yes...thursday off...n sunday for my homie J.C.]
i will raise hell tomorrow.


oh well..

in other news

I am going to the ROCK THE BELLS CONCERT on Sunday =] whoop whoop for meh

[Annually the biggest and best hip hop festival on the calendar, Rock the Bells is going coast to coast this year with a lineup that includes A Tribe Called Quest, Tha Pharcyde, Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man & Redman, Immortal Technique, and Dead Prez, among many, many others.] <---u know i didnt write that shit...too many words. =_=

Turns out the budderz amanda had an extra tick lying around and decided to call me up after everyone else was busy [jokin...or am i??]

so chyeah.

in other other news.

I have someone who reads this foolishness and appreciates it =]]

YAY for people who care... ya dig :]
i decided to highlight her because she not only commented on my blog once...
not twice..
but three or four times

i can't really remeber. it gets vague after a certain point.
but big bullet bullet shout outs to authentik.supafli
werd bitch ass crackerzz [xD]

more to swim in lata
xoxoxo [*-*]


So yesterday I was on aim having conversations with friends [cause you know...that's how I do]
and I was speaking to a couple of them about there colleges.
One said she was going to Medgar Evans...another was some shit up north and so on and so forth.
I was really proud that my friends were all going to college. Even if it isnt the best college on the planet.
But what makes a college good? the students of course so even if you go to a community college as long as you prove to yourself that it doesnt matter what college im in im going to do the best I can then that's all that really matters.

For instance my lovely self. I was supposed to go to CUNY York in Queens for my college.
and honestly I realy don't even know how I got accepted. I mean I didn't have shit grades but I didn't do anything for college. deadass my sister helped me out with most everything.
For one school was so stressful senior year and my bullshit counselour was not any help at all. [she probably never even sent in my final transcript...]
But now I'm going to register for BCC [yes goddammit B C muthafuking C]
and I told everyone I knew about it. I don't know but I don't feel any type of way about going to BCC [even though it is proclaimed as one of the worst Community Colleges...]
In highschool I used to joke around if someoone failed like..."oh well have fun in BCC"
but now that I'm going its going to be easy peasy.

Put it like this. It's probably better for a person to go to a shit college [no offense BCC] and get excellent grades. Than go to a top ranked one and be left in the dust because of stress and not understanding the course.

Besides... most everyone I've ever come to know in the bronx.. went to BCC at one point or another and afterwards some of them did great and others... i shake my head for them.

Education is something really big to me and I don't take it lightly. Even though I may slack off. I would never let that come in between me and my goals. I know I'm meant for something more than Bronx New York. Kingsbridge, and McDonalds.
But if I don't take heed and plan for the future. If I'm just stuck in the present because I want to be fly and have all the latest gear. then I'm going to be just like those who I see on the street.
26 years old, pregnant or had a couple already still living with their parents, a minimum wage job or none at all, partying all the time and not trying to better myself. But at least I got the new pair of Jordans that came out.

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