Wreckhouse...AGAIN AGAIN!!

As you all know I love to big up's my people so here I come with another one.

Wreckhouse Wreckords
having another party, and this time you wont lose 10 pounds afterwords. [check out the other post if'n you don't understand]

It's on Dec. 27th and going to be at club El Rancho.
theres also some talks about Hot 97, and Cory Gunz coming through.
so chyea you can see me there chilling with the fam Young Woo.

What else are you gonna do on a saturday night but party your ass off... till ya fall off.
You can get your tickets online and they only.. peep this $20.oo

oo shit... recession aint fucking up this get together.
so come through fly and flashy ladies and gentlemen


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