Studio Time

I Just came back from Casper's house. Hopefully my new producer....[if he happens to want to move to fordham so I don't have to freeze my titties off in this weather]

For real I didn't think I was going to make it.
I froze literally waiting for bullshit public transportation.

But without a little pain you can't progress right?

So I came in there extra scared. For some reason I though I was heading to a "Professional Studio" like the ones you see in the music video and Hova tryna spit a verse that he can't spit because he got to old. [J-Z L-P]

No it was way more comfortable. Casper's room a mic a mic stand. His computer system with all the hookups. It was really exciting.
I was a little nervous but noenough to make me choke in front of all my peers during my final exam where in I had to just play one stupid song on a keyboard. no.
much more relaxed.

So first David did his verse.
He looked so professional!
I was a lil taken aback by his forthwright.
[If that at all goes with what I'm trying to recapture through text]

So then it came down to my turn.

IDK I was expecting Casper to be one of those snooty ass... "are you sure you know what your doing?"
type guy.. but he was alright
Very nice, very relaxed. [and he smelt so good. OMG.. i think it was Curve]
So anyway i did my verse then sang the hook.
shit was tough.

They were giving me mad props.
My cheecks still hurt. haha!!
[from smiling.....nasty]

In the back of my mind my pride and all that went up like 100% I got it first try doubling.. and flowing.

I think that I can become really good once I find my voice and shit like that. I mean I like the track and all but I would like to sound more animated when I do my thang
a huh huh huh huh [grandmaster flash voice]

Look out for the 5 track mixtape =D

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