Boom Boom Pow

this song is the fuckkkkking shit.
Like the visual and the music go so welll together its scary..
n may I say Taboo looking extra fine!

MacBook mania

Yesterday I purchased a MacBook from my sister's boyfriend.
good stuff.

I think because of this bad-boy i might begin to blog continuously like I used to.
Its just been alot on my mind so, with all these thoughts and shit I get flustered..instead of writing I just go and watch
Naruto Shippuden.

OMG that is my jam!!

Another thing that's kind of wierd on this MacBook...
is that certain sites will come up differently, I think its because this is the first generation MacBook..
Like the one's they use in middle and highschool
But I dont gie a FU*K
Imma still get by on mines.

Its funny b ecause the day when we went to pick it up me and Shanna were smackked,
So of course we decide to go to wendy's
[we were in SoHo]

IDK if it was because we were smackked or something but I swear the walk to Wendy's took for fucking ever
like... we were really on a damn journey.

So finally we rach out destinations...
we meet that hot and juicy red head :]

We order and it took a year for the register person to actually understand what we were tryna order.
At first I thought it was because we were high and the orders wouldn't come out right.. but when I came to..
I realized
"nope..the bitch was just brain dead smh"

Now if you've been to SoHo you know the kind of people that resonate towards Wendy's..

ALL the "we so Fresh" Niggas that stand in front of UniQlo and Armani Exchange for about 10 hours out the day go home and do the same shit the next.
Oh Yea.

this goin be a long one :\

So anyway I came to realize the kind of people those so called I get money like that are.
me and Shanna already looking top notch and these boys are ice grilling like watching us.
IDK if they wanna talk to us or eat us.. :]

So anyway they start to have a conversation with some other girls..ad it is the boring-est, shallow--est dullest convo ever...
as the converstation progressed..
I came to realize that those kind of people are not deep.
They hide thier personality in the clothes they wear and mask how they feel by talking about otheres and what they get or don't get.
Its not even a matter of them doing it for the ladies anymore.

When I realized I was like wow.

This is really sad.

that enuff of that tho..



Kanye ft. Young Jeezy..
one of the tracks that I'm actually fond of from 808's and Heartbreak.
I like the old school Busta Rhymes esque beat and Jeezy actually helps, rather than fuck up this song.
:::ahem:: Love in This club...need I say more.

Is it any wonder why?....

Am I wrong if Iive in the bronx and I buy a pair of Pradas?

Am I wrong if I work at McDonalds and buy designer jeans?

Am I wrong if I chose to use my money, to get material things because I know in the future..Im going to be succesful?

Is it wrong for me to admire the things everybody else has
... and to secretly desire them?

Is it wrong for you to feel bad for your friend because they don't have it like that and you do?

Is it wrong for wanting to be accepted?

Is it wrong to feel strongly for something, others believe to be nonsensical?

.... I just wanted to know.



Abandon a Child

I had recently purchased the GQ magazine with uber soxy Robert Pattinson on the cover for Shanna...
[...a minute to drool]

So after I stopped pretending like I was reading

[I was just looking at sexy boys in bomb ass outfits]

An article headline caught my eye.

In Omaha Nebraska ...

"..it was okay to abandon any child of any age for any reason at any time-with the full protection of the law."

Inserted in the article was the story of this woman named Lavennia Coover.
A mother who had to deal with a mentally ill daughter and then her demented son.

...no really, he's like demented.
[on some Emily Rose type ish.]

I didn't get to finish the whole article by myself but when everyone had came home.
I read it aloud to them.

When I say that this shit was deep
man it was DEEP

The law was created as a safe haven for "dumpster babies"

but those were not the kind of children that was being facilitated.

Kids ranged in age from 6 to 14.
These kids were sick.
Like mentally ill and the parents were fed up.
I guess tired of wasted money on medicine and help that didn't change a thing.
or having to deal with their child's problem with little to money at all for health insurance.

Its funny because the director of Nebraska's Division for Children and Family Services Todd Landry, called the parents whose children where dropped off at the Omaha Safe haven
"Lazy parents"

I'm not saying his statement is valid or even called for because honestly it goes deeper than that.

Do you know how much Guap it'd be for medical help around the clock for children with mental disorders or crazy ass behavior.
Not that "put em all in a box and feed em Depakote!"
no... real help to figure out whats these children and their families damage.

We are still the only country to not have Universal Health Care.
Its a goddamn shame to know that if my child is seriously fucked up and even if it is my damn fault its crazy to know that if I don't have the G'z to please these doctors and shit the most "health care" I'm going to get for my kids problems
is a box of benadryl and Vick's vapor rub!

It comes down to help.
Honest care for children and families in need of health care. It cost money to be sick now-a-days and damn if I don't make sure I'm dressed right for the weather and carry a pump on me.
That's why its easier to just shove off the kid and let it be someone else's problem than to wind up in debt and stressed because my insurance doesn't cover psychiatric help.

Man I hope Obama has something good in store for this country.
or I'm out to Cuba for my checkups!


DinoRoach BBQ

We had gone to Dirty ass Dinosaur BBQ for my Cousin's Birthday.
I don't remember how old he is...

But thats besides the POINT!!
or should I say


Yes.. you may have heard or read.

THIS dirty ass place had a ROACH.
which can or will lead to roaches.

[we was right here!!!!]

So I see this creepy crawlum and I tell Shanna..
At first

"Do thine eyes decieve me?"

sadly they do not.

Theres a big-ass mama roach propped up on the cushions, walking about as if shit don't stink and flowers don't bloom.
Just straight up wrong.
I'm disgusted and the food wasn't even that serious to begin with
so now I want to let it be known.
and I want some free shit.

Like we always do :]

I tell the stank-ass waitress and she like

"wellll I can assure you there are no roaches in the kitchen though"

How the Hell do you known that for certain?
When one just ran up on me like a burgular?


So the manager comes and I'm like Listen..
Theres a roach yadda yadda

"We just had an inspection and it happens from time to time!"
The she walks away...

On some smooth shit.. like a roach is just a roach in this place.

Ummm we not in your house where this would be accetable..
We're in a goddamn restaurant.
I knew something was up when I came and saw the employees dressed in regular clothing.

Probably one of those muhphukas brought it from their house

So I realized nothing was going to be done to console my turmoil, and I did what I knew I had to do.

I stole their sauce.

Fuck you thought this was?
Oh No Ma'am.


I'll tell you this... my ass definetly not going back there.


..I don't wanna grow up.

I'm 19...

and nothing entices me as much as these :\

Pillow Fight x 2009

It was spoken that many from far and wide would prepare all the year long for the faithful day when forces from all over new york city would come forth in a battle to the death!

Many have trained long and hard and many have lived thier every waking moment up to this point.


Why you ask?


The fight is one of glory!
of triumphant measures!
of pure satisfaction.

The kind that can only be accomplished through the force of a goose feathered pillow colliding with a human skull...




that there sum gud eatins'!


" ]: "

I'm lonely....

Via iPod Touch...


Brand New

Trey Songz - Brand New

Honestly.. I don't really care for my man Trey but.. I can't lie
I see he's been working it out. Aoowww... :]

But the reason I posted this is because of my baby
you see him for a total of 30seconds, but thats enough for me !
I'm pissed no one threw a bottle at the girl blocking Drake though

Whatever. Can't wait for his videos to Drop!


the Love vs Money is aighht.. I listened to it through and then I listened again.
Ehh.. Nothing THAT serious.

Its about a minute passed pissed...

...shit has officially hit the fan.

what did I tell ya'll?

I'm about to burn this shirt.
*pulls out the lighter*

Tell me WHY!?
this hoe at my job.. really I mean REALLY
has a hard on for me.

Not to be explicit and derogatory but when I'm pissed I'm pissed.

So the situation with this Drive-thru chick is irking me.
We got into an argument last friday, and she really went in and brought the "crew"

Sooo now the store owner tells her.
"You take too long to send out the orders"

She tells him today I INTENTIONALLY take long to make her food because I don't LIKE her.

If thats isn't the only plea copped man.
First of all,
to like or dislike someone takes up emotion.
I don't have time or energy to give your ass "emotions" I save that up for family.
and people I care for.

you aren't either.

I have no feelings for you.
Its just ...there.
like your just there.


But anyways the owner pulled me to the side with her and asked me that.

man o man. I just got over the situation with BGW.
I'm not trying to soothe another big ass baby.

What don't they understand. This is a job. JOB!!!

We not in school so what the hell are you worrying about friends and love and likes from the people you work with.
If after work we don't converse then you already know what the deal is.


'"..and I'm about to get shitted.."



I swear people think just because I'm kind and I do things for other, a sweet person and don't like drama
that I am "pussy"


If shit is going to go down and the main reason is me. Best believe I will be all up in that ass if it concerns me or people I hold close.
Stop the bullshit mane. Keep it to yourself and move it along.

Ugghhh>>> >.<

Love vs Money

This album...
rocks my socks and ups the anti on my panties.

check it out 5 stars on my sexytime mood-0-meter

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