Jazmine Sullivan <3

Jazmine Sullivan is officially my new nunu

[nunu is a term i use to express love or.. interest in a person place or thing. :]

So I know I'm like extra late figuring this out.
but I'm the kind of person where if I see a new artist, I'm going to listen to them on my time.

not because someone said... "She's awesome... listen to her!!.... now"
then I'll grow to not want to listen.

So I got to fully listen to Fearless on my ventures out and about the Bronx

I swear to you, every track on that album I like.

Crazy because I was expecting something generic.

Its original.

What she talks about is so relatable and likeable.
I like that she uses profanity when she sings.
It feels more natural than trying to go a different route.

Don't get me wrong. There isn't a Parental Advisory sticker on it.
But take the time out to listen to this girl.

She has crazy talent and I really hope that she can make it in the music business.

honestly "Bust Your Windows" I think someone on her team was trying to sabotage her...

the song is so great... and they give us this lackluster performance. smh
that she can make it in the business world of music. Its all about looks and statistics.

This album will be getting crazy hits on my iPod.

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