lol i got my hair cut again on sunday :] and colored.

i really like it :]

my moms a G.. no gas she really is.
like she is blessed with this talent. she connects with the clients hair and
cares about it.

sometimes when she see's some fucked up thing on a person's head.

.... a single tear rolls down her eye and a dove appears sad reallt :\

and it shows in her kids tooo.. know why??

cuz we say RELAXER .. not PERM ugghhh

that shit really irks me.. a PERM makes your hair curly. A RElAXER straightens it.

think about it.. to Relax... to unwind straight.
Perm.... no

and the people in the hair salon only say Perm cuz if they were to say relaxer you'd be like HUH??

lol imma post the pics later on. going to the movies with Emmers Nana and Whore-Hey OUT!! :]

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