MTV ...you suck

from the title it explains itself..

MTV you suck really bad when it comes to doing stuff thats out of the ordinary now a days.

like idk why i keep falling for your lies.

your like an ex that keeps telling me the bullshit I wanna hear.

like you do stupid shit... just for the fuck of it.
and i get mad curse you out. stop talking to you.

then when you come back around im all over you again.

...I want my MTV :'[

so to sum up the VMA's
it was dookie. the stage was hella small... like they used recycled aluminum foil for the decor.
I think Jamie Foxx was on something.
and the British dude was ...he was pretty okay actually.
The guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

i think you have to watch it to get the full effect cha know?


Rihanna opened the show with Disturbia.


it sucked.

I'm sorry Rihanna "Stan's" out there but she did.
no doubt Rihanna is bad.
but singing is not her or my or any ones cup of tea.

In other words her and Cassie should come out with an album.
but no singing involved.
just beats and pictures of them in their clothing.
i know i'd buy it =D

Britney and Jonah Hill did their little skit.

i love this guy. lol

Britney has a bump :]
she looked really nice at the awards.
I mean she was missing some tracks.. woulda made the weave look fuller, but still.. she killed it.

oo yea i figured this out last night lol
Beyoncé is "B"
Britney is "B"
Britney Spears "BS" or "Bullshit"
Beyoncé Knowles or "BK" or Brooklyn which reverts back to Jay-Z
huh? huh?
you can't front Britney was the fucking shit, when she was the fuckig shit.
the two " B's" of the game =D

...moving onward

ummm so it sucked some more..
then the Jonas Brothers performed Love Bug

i was really wondering ...
why are they so fucking pretty
like omg...

That Hello/Goodbye from the Target commercial is my effin jam!!!!
around a minute and 30 secs... it gets sexy!

people say Seth resembles umm Nick? i think
his name is

ignore the sheckzy muffin in the corner..but yea i can see it :]

umm.. T.I. was his sexy self as usual.. looking all kinds of delicious
damn you Tiny.


Whatever You Like / Live Your Life [ft. Rihanna]

WHAT!!..lol that girl made sure she got whatever she liked... milk the shit out the set. lol

Rihanna looked mad awesome as usual.. but as Shanna and me we're crossing fingers in hopes of her sounding nice..

she fucked us up the booty butt cheecks... once again...::sigh::

performed but i felt like the background singers were plotting a takeover..
they over powered her.

The old lady White hair is killer.

umm and then when i thought it couldn't suck anymore...wait!

forgot bout Lil Wayne...
ehh it was lacking.
he performed DONTGETIT with Leona Lewis. [she keeps bleeding love apparently...]
and A-Milli..[it woulda been nice if he let Cory Gunz come out.]
and Got Money T-pain is mad ugly so i couldn't focus. [and i hate the song]

the shit with Kid Rock was w.e. u know regular pegular shit.
DMC Aerosmith type shit.

Christina did a bomb diggity job to... and after a baby.. go head gurl =]
[btw... wtf Corbin?? ewwww]

okay now

just when i thought it wouldn't suck anymore.. im expecting Air Yeezy to kill it.

you know cuz he was bitching and moaning last time.
I recall him saying he's never doing MTV again... or something like that ...ahem.

......are you still waiting for him to rip off his suit like Britney via 2000 VMA's.... pull out a Louis Vuitton BookBag and have Jigga Man and Lupe come out?

....im still waiting too.

can you believe this muddasuckka??

you wanna make a big ass deal last year about how they let Britney open the show and Justin end it.
and you come with this water down diet pepsi bullshit??

I mean at least Britney was moving around. you just stood there... with Uncle Tom's cabin all over your face...[i mean really... its called a razor.]

dont mind me I'm just venting cuz he pissed me off for real. >:\
hop into a pimped out Space Car thing ?

all in all the VMA's have been shit every since
"Its Britney Bitch" went off the deep end...
i think that was their motivation.. and when she said "Oh Fuck this.. i want peanut butter"
so did MTV.

ehh... maybe next year.


  1. HAHAHA!!!



  2. Yo the VMA's Totally Did Suck This Year. I Agree 100%. I Only Liked The British Dude and The Rihanna x T.I. Performance. I think Britney Should've Performed as A Surprise, i mean, She looked a little cleaned up on the show, plus they was gassin it like she was gonna perform anyways. Kanye's Gay. Tries So Hard To Be different He's Just like The Rest (Synthesizer??? Cmon Yeezy).


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