just do it.

you know what i hate =\

...wait before i get into that

i work morning shift now and i started today. it was okie doke... a lil boring but
at least i leave and get to have a life.
[oo if u wanna know what i did after work... nothing :} ]

yea so back to what i was saying.

so im surfing blogs and i come across this one girls blog... u know the ..use u al
*fashion runway whats hot in the treets! *streets...don't feel like backspacing

Hey i just notice :o the thing that makes the letters larger or smaller are no where to be found >:[
*we must solve this problem*

oh yea back to what im saying basically

i just hate when people bullshit ...oo
shes on the blog showcasing some girl and the girl is talking about her fashion. she likes to stand out n be different [which is fine, but not when thats the goal..]
and then her responses become more vague and more superficial.

first of all uggs... are fucking dookie stains on the tablet of my eyes. cuz i dont write shit cuz i aint got time cuz my second minutes hours go to the al mig... sorry. ...a millie a millie

like if i couldn't go to jail for it.. pour some kind of liquid on them .. something that would stain..umm
orange juice.. or piss.
[...yes i happen to carry piss in my pocket.. :| ]
but then she's like oo stores like wet seal i dont approve of.. they are bad quality.


"a pink or black razor is an accessory"...


•people on the train call me out sometimes.. cuz im a star•

really? maybe they just want you to hurry up and move so they can sit before the train cuts off a limb? :\
...shoshannnah knows what it is..

but anyways the reason im really devoting all my time to this chick is plain and simple.
fuk the bullshit man.

like im tired. i work with someone who is such a pretender it hurts me.

like you try hard to make everyone like you but in the end you know what.
u get shit bubbles..

for real doing that leads to loneliness cuz you spent all your time worrying if people will like you for this or that..... that you end up forgetting why you like you.

dressing different just so you can "stand out" is just like vying for acceptance.

dress because you like it. and because it fits... cuz lord knows... if jeans could talk.
yes you mr.crack. im talking to you

and you know what i like wet seal!!
they the shit.

and you know what else

be yourself.. and if yourself doesn't work
be someone else.. and you own that someone else.
you own it :]

yea getting off track but i let you know what i mean and if u understood the words that were coming out of my mouth then hit me with a comment.. maybe im bugging :\



  1. InFo da Poet Here..!

    Wassup, I heard some hype from sum1 that told me to come thurr...unfortunately I don't think I got the full effect because I hittin this from da side kick...but learn how2 use the backspace and keep it tangent free and imma come back with friends.... Stay fly and shuffle my Ipod

    Word is Bond

  2. umm thanks J

    how bout u use a computer to get the full effect :]


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