F•U•N pt.2

we're in Big K-mart and looking round round and i figure..
u know what this house needs... a family fun time game
its between Monopoly and Scrabble.

after voting and a coin toss Monopoly wins...
its a long ass game that i've never known any one to finish but we get it anyways.
Davidra kinda pays for my cab ride home and im out

head home and then Saturday arrives yay! :]

So i told Whore-hey that me and nana might be coming through to his Rite-Aid to see if nana could get a job.

he was like the only guy on register and it was semi packed. so we waited awhile and i bought some sour punch straws. [i used to fein for those in middle school]

they didn't have any apps. so the manager told us to come back with an application from another rite-aid and hand it in to her. It really looks like she needs the work so hopefully nana might be working there... who knows?

goooood eatins' =D
[thats Gramos btw in all his chico glory :]]

on the train ride back
im extra friggin tired and we're walking past one of my friends house

she was watching me like a predator from her fifth floor window.
so b4 heading home we detour to Amanda's crib.

it was a lot of girl talk and a whole lotta nothing talk, then talk about friends. then shanna had her real estate thing going on and shit.
and then we went home to eat chinese food and watch Randy's Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew and Run's House.
two of my favorite shows.
[and sincce i don't have cable or t.v.
i get to watch them form the mac with little to no interruptions.

and that is the conclusion to the FUNNEST DAY ...so far :o

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