Some Random Thoughts

I have a Mac....this ain't photobucket

Sasha is M.I.A

I'm back bitches...

She's sufferin' The McChicken Syndrome...sumtimes she come home smellin' like grease LMAO

Some Thoughts....

A few things on my mind

...Jesus krispy kreme I 'm sorry I don't have a billion pictures of Josh and me doing lovey dovey shit on myspace

like kissing

sitting on a couch

watching tv...

making breakfast...

taking out the trash..




I jus don't have a camera with me for these moments and really who gives a hot shits?! I mean its a relationship...you know private.

Get the camera ready honey, I'm about to take a shit

Why the hell are ppl so racist when commenting on shit on blogs,youtube.etc...If you really think about it. If you don't think black people aren't people and we're "monkeys" why are you leaving comment to "monkeys" aren't you the dumbass talking to monkeys?!

Why bother to hate...I mean aren't you the same people making movies bout aliens and humans and have the same scenario. In the end the aliens wanted to destroy the human race because of our potential to out do them? hint*..... HINT** ...........FUCKING HINT*****

Oprah is gay....I don't care what anyone says ....so is Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, that dude with the cornrows from Day 26

Why does Cassie get a top knotch video and she can't sing and I have to witness Danity Kane and their cheap ass wigs for "Bad Girl" video?!!!!

Diddy is a thief...think about all the artists that made it nowhere with him. It's a long fucking list unless he ressurects B.I.G from his grave, now take that, take that

Wat's with all this do it yourself graphic design....everyone thinks they're an artist caust they work some photobucket tools! *blank stare*

I want to be a graphic Designer and people look at me like that's not a job anyone can do that...WRONG!

You know when you see a shiteous movie only cause the poster and trailer was hot...I'll be responsible for that.

When you decorating your pics with filters and cool fonts...I'll be the one making those things, so you two cent "artists" can feel like you did something extraordinary.

Aim synonyx4000
We can talk bout life, promise not to bite
I really am a angel...most of the time.

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  1. hahah i totally agree with you on the cassie and danity kane videos

    and oprahs not gay
    is she??


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