R.I.P Don LaFontaine a.k.a The Voiceover Guy

Don LaFontaine a.k.a That Voiceover Guy a.k.a The Guy that does the really cool voice for movies..
coming to a theatre near you

he died of a collasped lung. he was 68.. in his crib in LA.

here some stuff he did.. for the omish of us.. who happene to have a friend with a computer.

Chicken Run

he does more shit but... i g2g so

stop being lazy and search yourself...umm
try wikipedia.. they have everything :]

dueces.. going to the movies for free with emily

lol she has optimum..

and sadly i have none.

*cries in a corner*

ooo... pps off topic..
Pablo Francisco does a mean impression of him lmaooo

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