...whooooooaaaaaaaaa this might be the longest I havent posted anything :O

im sure ya'll have managed to continue your bodily fluids


soo umm chyeah
work this week was really a bitch.

like really

idk i often say oh.." be yourself no matter what" but, sometimes it can be hard.

like if you want to make a good impression.

at one point I thought my manager hated me.

It's one thing when someone dislikes you because you ..oh lets say
you cursed out their grandmother over the phone sunday morning, because they didn't know who marbin was...

but when someone doesn't even know you and dislikes you... thats when it really burns...

i was convinced my manager thought i was incompetent, delaying, not fit for my position, a novice, and plain ol' annoying.

like one morning i had this extremely particular, precise customer who knew what she wanted but didnt know how to express that to me.

kinda like a burp.

i had to give OD refunds and kept messing up orders...
idk if you've ever worked in a Mickey' Dees but that shit gets to you...at one point
i was bout to tear up :,[

but chu know thats a bitch move so i kept it funky and was like nahhh'
thats just the mascara itching my eye... ????

i hate crying in front of people... makes the whole situation ten times worse.

but the next day i was like... OH Fuck this shit...

I'm here to get paid not laid.
meaning: most people who have jobs are prostitutes for their corporations.

and what do prostitutes do? they do their job and get paid...no one likes a prostitute...unless your Richard Gere.

but you end up getting what you want and being satisfied and the prostitute makes her pay for her bitchy boss too.

so anygay next day i was like imma do me and do it well. and not take no shit today.
and guess what My boss wasn't a total bumborass..

the moral is...

Just do you...
and whoever don't like you for that.

fuck em..

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