Night Mom

Mums in the Hospital :[
she's been in there since yesterday afternoon.
she has a bit of a cough.

She'll probably be back soon, like tomorrow afternoon or so..
so I just wanted to give a shout out to Mommy Dearest :]

srry its on its side 

goodnite sugarlumps z_z

...on a side note.. i felt that i should show some more of my art work..

just visted this guys page and holy beh jesus
its pretty good!

so here ya go lol

 ^basically David was like,  "Dude ...Where's my tattoo.."
and I was like "umm..idk, can i get a pen and paper."
and that is why i draw :].

Look what i found =D

umm Raphael i believe..he was just chillin behind some pens and pencils..

okay off to bed... 

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