I am not my shirt.

why do people believe that others who are in a business of service can be treated any kind of way without any reprecussions?

I really don't understand where you get the notion that because I'm behind a counter saying "next order please"
you have the right to treat me as if I'm lower than you.

I'm at work today and as always
there's always the twat of the day.

I mean there are many assholes that come in and out... ranging from young to old... male and female

but there is always that one twatters who fucks your whole vibe up.

Today that Twat was some guy. no not a guy a pussy,
and this is not in the sense of having a pussy....but a pussy having no goddamn sense tryna push me.

it wasn't even what he did to me personally. But the level of disrespect he showed to everyone working there was so digusting it made you wanna actually screw up your face and hawk a loogie...


he comes in mad loud and obnoxious talking to who must have been a reincarnation of Helen Keller.

while im talking to a customer he blatantly ignores everyone around him talking about some ol bullshit.
really dude?

then he starts talking about a prior visit he had and how the girl never gave him his hash brown [a whole other story mind you]

Meme gives him this face like "nigga... i don't give a fuck"
so he gets offended and starts spazzing.

Like "Meme fuk is up with your face...oh you must not know. I smack up bitches best believe. fuck outta here you know how i get down ya dig??. i don't care whose here. I'll smak up a bitch spit on her step on her and keep it moving."

then he comes behind the counter and starts talking smack.

so we tryna get him out and Unique takes his order so he can go on his merry way being hood famous.

You know whats worse than an ignorant person.
someone who has no idea what's going on and decides to agree.

This black lady comes outta no where like "Mmm Hmmm"
"i Know you tell em yep. they always like that. word to your mother."

....mind your business.
thats why people always get shot. cause you won't mind yours.

So on top of him yelling im tryna take a order, then some lady starts saying i forgot her hash browns... like


im like ok.. and she still on and on about her hash browns.

like people throw there money at you, have no common courtesy or manners, an expect there food to be there right after they order it, in the middle of a rush. c'mon man.


old people... like WTF???

your always wrong so shutup.

you forget what you order half the time and make up stories about everything.
then on top of that.
when your order is done and rready and everything's perfect you wanna complain and bitch and moan,

...sigh. its not my fault your "over the hill" ...[and almost under it too]

but i mean c'mon have some respect.
then when your rude and nasty for no reason and when the workers us come out with a response your in shock?
"you talk??"

yes bitch I do and i have an extensive vocabulary. so calm your nerves and stop having a titty attack. its only a nickel


zzzzzz out.

1 comment:

    1.old ppl ain't changing anytime soon
    2.ignorant mofo's are increasing
    3.the band wagons are filled to compacity.

    thats life.


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