today was fun =D

and yesterday too

well i got paid on friday right and i was short soooo
i had to fork over 11 dollars :\

cuz me, like a dummas took a fake ten... and knew it was fake too
::shrugs:: ooh well life moves on. on the uppereastside though i got them to cash my check on the spot.

so i did what any woman with sense would do.
call up her gal pals and hit up the strip to shop!!
can u say Sex and the City...Simpson ave edition??
[no?, well try enunciating your words then.]

so me and Davidra went all around the world looking for stuff to buy.. just to buy it.
i was sooo effin hungry so we went to
Taco-Hut-Carvel. [a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Carvel]
soo i bought the food and Davidra bought the drinks
a hard shell taco, and a soft shell taco... and a personal pan size pizza.

the Carvel smoothie are the best.. u shuld buy some indefinetly.
this is "Rockerfeller Raspberry." Davidra had umm some Banana stuff.

so after that i jump on the bus and we head out to ...
for some reason i was extra suspect about shopping at Old Navy again.
Like when i was younger my mum used to shop for me and my sisters clothes there for middle school.
and I absolutely hated the way the clothes fit and how they felt.
like she bought me some pants from there and the crotch of all the pants must've been pissed off at my cooch or something cuz it was always either the waist was too high up or the crotch was too far down... ehh.

but i found some nice stuff and so did D.

didn't leave the store until like...forever cuz the line took forever and i kept wanting to try on things.
but our adventure wasn't over yet.
Davidra suggested going to K-mart.
not just any K-mart.
....more of this adventure later on blog heads
kinda pooped and my eyeballs hurt :]

niteeeeeee !!!!!!!


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