OK Mr.Pain I see it :]

i found this song yesterday on my weekly search for new music.

for real i treat my ipod like my bf...[if i had one :[ ]
anyway i need new songs to energize me. it doesn't matter what kind as long as its good.
When i first heard Can't Believe It ft. Lil Wayne
I was like hell no.

but the thing is. If the song is regular the video must make up for it.

and the video made me like the song.

now what do you do if the song is fire already?
don't make a shit video.

Chopped 'N Skrewed ft. Ludacris
T-Pain's new single.

Lets hope he doesn't make the video trash.
cause the song is oh so addictive =D

Chopped & Skrewed - T-Pain featuring Ludacris
here u go have fun <3

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