Eagle Eye

Hi Guys =D

went to the movies Tuesday to see Eagle Eye
my baby can act ;}

mmm he just oozes sheckzy.

Emily had the optimum free tickets stuff..
and the whole shit was packed.
so we walked.

Me, Gramos, and Elmo =D
i bet u couldn't tell we were related LOL

...that bag looks delicious.

honestly that movie was pretty good.

but the Wendy's we ate OMG..
i don't know what kind of unholy garbage we purchased but omg.
it was nasty.

mad stinky and dried up and lopsided.
believe me .. once you've had
McDonalds fries nothing compares..

ummm... you kinda see my hair in that pic right.
all in all it was a good day.

one thing I like is how when spontaneity hits.
people are down.

fun times.
[nana took the pic.. so yea lol. she's still there though.]

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  1. Shia!!! i effin love him
    i got the biggest crush on dude


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