on another note..

wtf is wrong with my blog... why is my "about me" and everything else...located at the bottom of my page??

if anyone knows the problem can u please help a G out... like
this shit is confusing :\

n i failed cisco in highschool .. so nuffin technical kk.



  1. Hopefully I can help.

    If you do know this, you go to cuztomize layout and it should show the elements of your page. All you have to do is click and drag your profile and other stuff to the side of your blog post box (big box to the left). that should work.

  2. ....uhh i knw.. i was tryin that for a miminute.. its not goin accordingly :[

    but in no time soon ill crack the
    code :\

  3. i c. well my computer tecky is only so extensive, so good luck with that.

    wont mean i wont read the blog even though ya layout messed up, lol.


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