U Not lovin Us Anymore...

ooo listen up kids and seniors...

as of dec. 1st
no more dollar menu!!!

moment of silence [......................]
yea so all u "dollar menuaires" that's about it.

they told us at our meeting last week.
probably why we have this new thing called the "triple cheeseburger"

its like 2.50 by itself.. and 2 for 3.00 when u get the special..
i fucking hate those burgers.. smh
i cannot go a day without someone buying like 18 of them shits at once ughh.. >.< 
im not gonna lie... they are delicious :]
i just wonder how those faithful old folks goin feel about the deletion of our sacred dollar menu? 8 years man we had it. started in 2000. oh wellis. they'll function. I VOTED!!!! like my vote actually kind of helped :] i wasnt sure what i was doing.. just clicked Obama... then everything else Democratic. everyone else seemed to have the same method. haha

baby Barack! awwww


  1. I'm no McDonalds fan, but how you gonna cut the only best thing they gotta offer? thats crazy. in these times, yall should make it a 50 cent menu, shyt.

  2. sigh... the old ppl are gonna have a fit :o

    like... they don't play around when it comes to their senior coffees and cheeseburgers.


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