Apologies... <3


i apologize for how the last post was posted... i read it back after i calmed down..
n i sound insane as all hell


i don't know 
it was kind of like i just broke.

that day i lost my phone... n bugged the fuck out..
like i was really throwing a fit.
on top of that.
I got into it with my landlords siblings.
because they tried to come at my mom.... which all who know. Sasha was definetly not having >.<

so neway I was really thinking seriously and I mean to do what I say.
alot of craptastic things has been happening to me lately and I just feel like its time
to let go of all the drama and do me.
like nike® [<--- ooo u like that don't you??]

besides all that summing up halloween, I'd put it like this..
it was really a movie I swear. like Superbad or Pineapple Express...
so much crazy shit had happened, i wished I coulda recorded it.

but I didn't so just use your ...imagination...
ooo I have to say right now...
I''m so fucking sick its not even funny :[

I woke up with my throat feeling like cats were sexually healing each other inside of it.
ughhhhh fasudask >.<>

I drank like a cup of Children's Motrin... yea man I was on that "Sizurp"
[u wouldn't believe how u can actually make it..]

maybe not.

i Know I had some crazy shit to type but I really forgot.... it was funny too.
hmmm uhh
fuk it I forgot.

yo im on this one blog. iono shit is mad funny to me.
the dude kinda remind me of meself.
my dude Spiff.
he is he-larry-us.

or not i mean I'm not u.. iono what u would think was funny.

yo for real my throat really killing me like omg...
so imma stop now.
....they just talking bout it.

Quote of the day!

"Them niggas falling when the wind blows, and I'm just rolling up my window.


  1. I FEEL SO LOVED!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you so much!
    LOL@ do like NIKE! ( I may steal that one! LOL!
    Just know that through time of B.S...good comes!
    After the storm there is a sun!
    So keep you head up SHUN!

  2. spiff... its nothing.

    if i feel like someone deserves it... best believe imma shout em out :]

    n yea u can use the nike shit... cosigned it from the boondocks neway lmao


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