so I've been avoiding the fact that I hate my damn glasses...
iono i used to love em buh now i gotta resentment towards them, n now i walk around 
blindly bumpin into blunt objects :\

n have people forever ask me, "why are you squinting so much?"

cause i can't see shit, n my eyes are chinkii on the regular.

sooo... im going to be purchasing a new pair of frames soon.
n there going to be Moscot's 

i have no idea where or what i was doing when i came across these but oh well.
imma have a pair mmmhmm.

-----backtrack oh yea

i was at work and this skinny dude comes in and he has on these glasses that are so fucking killer i didn't even mind he gave me a coupon for an Angus and order a Southern Style Chicken as a trade off. :\

i think these were his.

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  1. yea glasses are tricky
    i used to love mines but they got boring
    but i cant find any that suit me spent like 40 mins in opticians searching hahah


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