scmooo :]

...feel a whole lot better today yep.

werk was hella boring but ehh,
i got some pics to sufice :]

my manager and elizabeth =]
she just became manager tooo soo proud <3

my G.M. and my manager :]

Storm and Mari in the cocina

Meme, Unique, and Elizabeth :]

Chaco & me lol.

>>cheesin' dumb hard<<

umm other than that i was in the house chillin oooooo
-----almost forgot

today is my sisters first day of work :o
a restaurant in Brooklyn.
>>fine cuisine<<
i hope she does well. she was nervous as shit from what sumra tells me
::shrugs:: oh well.. she always makes miracles so she'll be fine mmm hmm.

okie pokes more later on

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