Fun Night

after tourin the whole bronx today.

decided to chill witht he main squeeze D.
had od fun
and OMG
okay so we were on the train right and we decided to switch iPods and raid em.
so this man comes on in this tight ass Billie Jean Thrill'em jacket with a red shirt and tight ass pants [lmao]
that's not the point though.

so all the while i really really gotta pee.!!

so we come across a Mickey Dee's
and its the one right on 42nd not the big flashy light one... the one in the corner with glass mirrors everywhere.

so I'm walking into McDonalds and David's behind me
I'm looking in the glass mirror like [lol] deadass like "damn i look mad good tonight, oh yes you can get it!"

and when i turn around *BOOM*
I smashed right into the glass door
i swear it was like a full force punch to the face.

and luckily it was glass so everyone inside saw my dumbass
David was like "oooOoo shit"....
"you okay??" *some seconds past* "ahahahahahahaha"

i fell over and started whaling. like when i stabbed my forhead in the corner of my t.v. stand.
when i went into the McDonalds this frumpy looking family oogled my swollen forehead and started smirking [lol]
i couldn't stop smiling and i swear i was so embarrassed... it hurt.

sooo newho it was really fun
we went to virgin mobile and played XBOX 360

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

omg o_o
that game is so sexy :]
D claims hes going to get it... so that means i will be buying a controller and playing lol
but yea. that was my Saturday.

ooo y home slice Dominick's artwork

he nice for real yo!!

out 'till lata

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