My Verse

if this is it please let me know
if this aint love you better let me go

cause i dont have time for the games we play
and i was never that good at chess anyway
best believe when i leave im taking what
i had given to you.
material cause, time spent cant be renewed.
borrowed or return.
a lesson learned in love we dug a hole to grow
what could've been a slow assured sign of affection
but im still guessing
that if i paid more attention to the signs than
the lies that u bought me
u can't fault me or blame me
switch the game around
would you complain..no ?
see i didn't wanna notice the ugly truth
cause the pretty lies kept me paralyzed
immobile with the mobile global to global
n i couldn't front on the clothes that make those
without it doubt it... i chose to be about it.

thats bout it .

...this isn't my first time spittin but i do need to improve lol.
i know i got potential been on this shit since i was 15

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