Happy Birthday..i guess

Umm yesterday was my friend's birthday.
...i promised I'd go chill with her and her friends since last week.

so i go and were [were meaning me and her other friend] in her house for like mad long.
from 7 to 10:30
all the while her friends are buggin' out for her to hurry the hell up.

when we leave we end up eating at Dallas over by Astor.

something about Dallas... like their food taste good, but its not there yet.
her friends are... okay. idk one of them was doing that thing where everyone is automatically friends and we say anything about them.

like me Amanda and her friend, were the only black ones there and all of her friends are Asian.
so one of her friends are like ..

"oh hey yall can form a trio. Amanda can be Jennifer Hudson, she can be Kelly Rowland, and you can be Fantasia Barrino."

..Mad Jolly with it too.

I'm like woah... you can be Sagwa.

...i don't really do that so it was kinda awkward.
but w.e.

we had cake.. some mango flan/cheesecake type shit. o.o [i didn't eat it]
and chocolate moose cake ...its a kind of cake you eat when Mr. Pep. makes a visit or your just down in the dumps.

anyway afterwards we go to one of Amander's friend's friend's house and get a little bit.. erm smacked.
idk what was in that shit. but i was buggin the hell out like. it felt like everything i was doing was in fast motion or slow motion, but everyone else was moving at regular pace.

and when i moved it was like a scene out of Reefer Madness.
it kind of felt like the Scream video with Mike and Janet.
everything i touched felt amplified by like 1000 times. all my senses were so acute :o
this must be what its like to be Superman. [that sneaky bastard >:]
its a weird feeling cuz its like things are moving and your real self is watching, but can only do so much with intoxicated body parts.

things were changing colors. doors specifically. kind of like walking on air is how i felt.
i knew what was happpening but i didn't know.

I think i put my ipod on and it was Aaliyah - Rock the Boat.
I coulda sworn she was right next to me singing that song with an amplifier. so loud :O

Anywho Amanda's friend hailed me a cab and I was on my way home.
20 bucks from 110th to 196th ...shiiiiit.
it was a lady cab driver and she was really nice. idk if she knew but she was kind [thank God]

i was acting a damn fool by the time i entered my crib.
Had no idea what time it was, I know my lil sis was up though.

basically i kept making noise and Sumra told mom and mom got mad and i was still confused.
and she said got to bed so i did.
all in all i feel bad cause my mom woke up and got really pissed off at me.

it really sucks when people are dissapointed in you or think less of you, than before.
:[ like its worse than them yelling at you.
or punishing you.
your getting treated like an adult, by someone who always treated you as a child.
Idk how to explain it.
but it really really sucks...

Moral of story.
If you must do so, let it be with people you know.

oo yea btw , i kept doing the robot. :\

1 <3


  1. Hey Sasha...i see u doing ya thing wit tha blogz...im bout to do my blog thing to...but any wayz holla at u on aim...lol

  2. thats what it is :]

    u already know the aim flow


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