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Well here it is....
Chopped N Skrewed.... w/ Ludacris

...i guess i still like the song.. i like the concept he's going for.. but I wasn't feeling the video..

and B's new video for Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It]
and... If I were a Boy

For real... this girl has amazing talent.. and for people to denie that and say ohh its over the top and just some ol gyrations, it obvious that they don't want to give props where props are due.
you don't have to like someone to acknowledge that they have talent.
Jigga man hold on to this one yep yep.


  1. Yeah for reallys....Those no self esteem people....

  2. Yea, I'm kinda feeling the T-Pain song, but definitely not the video.

    As far as Beyonce, I honestly feel like I've kind of outgrown her music. I was into Destiny's Child and early Beyonce stuff when I was younger, but I'm just not feeling it nowadays. All hate aside.

  3. i kno... it almost made me dislike the song

    yea B needs to expand more, but she still gives me tingles lol.


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