Little Things

I'm not the kind of person who shows much emotion.

and thats because I'm part Aquarius, jamaican, and cyborg.
but anyways
I really hate to be in a vulnerable position, or [fuck its hard to concentrate =[ T-pain new song is playing and it makes me wanna pop and lock mane.. btw: Freeze ft. Chris Brown. yep def buying his album]
 ok so neway neway  I usually try to not let things get to me. or let people know they got to me.
but the stupidest shit makes me sad.

some examples.

1.  when i send a text message to a new friend or old friend on myspace... and i don't get a response back. i don't know it just burns.

2.  or if I'm on aim and we're having a conversation and i write like a essay and you answer back five minutes later with a "lol" or "ok".

3.  or when i see a woman with a stroller going up the subway stairs, [It's always the D train too] and no one helps... and then im like fuck. i don't wanna help I've been on my feet all day :\

4.  when i see moms hitting their little kids and you know it wasn't even that serious the mom is just stressed and you would say something but she will curse you out and continue hittin the child in the process.

5.  kids in mcdonalds who don't realize that the dollar menu isn't actually a dollar. the look in 
thier eyes just hits me right here ::points to heart::

6.  making a bowl of cereal and there's no milk. :[

7.   people who don't know me and then decide to judge me based on other people's assumptions of me. like i know you shouldn't give a fuck what people think. and i am adament about it. but after a while.  it comes back to you on a rainy day.

that's it so far..
umm i would make a list of what doesn't hurt my feelings but ehh.

SIDETRACK!!!:::>>>  remeber the cartoon network groovies??
yo those were my shits omg. Jabber Jaws and Josie and the Pussycats... funny as hell lol.

www.google.com type in cn groovies go to videos..

[my tutorial is banging riiight??]

lata bout to eat coco tea and crackers


  1. i think we're long lost twins cause all those things make me sad too! lol


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