What the Duche

Why are yall so fucking annoying >:[

i mean you know damn well everyone doesn't watch t.v. like they used to because of the bullshit
they substitue for entertainment. and now kanYe's Vid i can't even experience without it being taken down...

it was really good to :\

its like 3:03 and i gotta be to work at 4... which means im going to be late..

because at this very moment I am in a sweatshirt and underwear.. {grrwwwlllzz}

*whispers* i know u want it

ooo look at this :]

sexy i know

this is my prom dress right :]

[best believe i will be wearing that to an event later on =]
[oo btw don't mind the dirty as floor.. we were remodeling]

and look what i found....

aha!!! my suspicions were right!
Tocarra is wearing my exact same dress in blue..

this can only mean one thing..
she's stalking my wardrobe and planning to overtake my identity to corupt the world... :o

ehh its understandable i mean... i am awesome ^.^


okay lemme bounce before Pimp Ronald come knocing on my door...

you know its hard out here for a trick

i leave you with the song of the moment

Clap Your Hands - A Tribe Called Quest




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