I Swear to ...

i swear my landlord is braindead.

I came home yesterday to find that this asscrust has installed a bar over our apartment building door..

i mean i heard construction earlier this morning but he actually went through with it.

let me explain this dude has fixed this door multiple times and yet and still he doesnt realize it wil be broken as soon as your gone.

before it just used to be a door and you just walk in.

then he installed a door that has to  have a lock and key.
which is fine.
but then he distributes one key per household and its $10 to get it remade.. just for one !
fuck that do you know what i can do with $10? 
 and on top of that fuckery the duchebag doesnt install an intercom system.. so just in case we dont have the key instead of beating down the door and all that jazz we can just get buzzed in.

its winter,

in NYC.

soo yea i wanna get inside my house ...with no heat so i can at least pull the covers over me.

like everyone else.
so the people outside broke it down.
the lock at least.

then Pjeter fixed it again.
they broke it

then they broke it again and he fixed it... again with no intercom.

so i finally thought he would buy the intercom after fixing mad locks.

but oh no.. the dookie head puts up a GATE!!

its a gate... in front of my goddamn door.
like a prison. a fucking Gate.. and
guess what ?!

it locks from the inside.
and the outside.

people can't get in or out without a key.

i came home last night like WTF??

:throws a broken ipod agaisnt a wall:

he such a dummas i swear to god why whyyyy 
do stupid shit over and over when u can just do one smart thing?
huh can someone plz explain??

so watever like i said they would've broken it down.
and they did.

they broke down the lock now we can get in and out.
Godforbidd there was a fire,..

how the fuck are we supposed to escape.

find the key in burning flames?
come on dummas.

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