I really need to get some sleep... :[
oo well i can sleep when im dead :] and even then i'll still haunt your blogs >:}

so as usual work was a bitch... [a big fat greasy ass...take up two seats on the train in the hot ass summertime when i got like all my damn siblings with me and a big ass bookbag filled with crap bitch]

and guess what i got paid today =] yay!!!!

oh but wait there's more...::GASP::---> .
"More Sasha??"
....yes macauly..MORE!

not only did I slave from 3-11 mon -tues.. then 4-11 wed to sat...[minus thursday]
but i stayed late too and you know what my check looked like>>? ^.^...something like this

SHIT!!... a big heaping pile of it..
::lmao at pic::
$131.85 for 5 days and 27 hours..[i didnt show up on monday yes...thursday off...n sunday for my homie J.C.]
i will raise hell tomorrow.


oh well..

in other news

I am going to the ROCK THE BELLS CONCERT on Sunday =] whoop whoop for meh

[Annually the biggest and best hip hop festival on the calendar, Rock the Bells is going coast to coast this year with a lineup that includes A Tribe Called Quest, Tha Pharcyde, Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man & Redman, Immortal Technique, and Dead Prez, among many, many others.] <---u know i didnt write that shit...too many words. =_=

Turns out the budderz amanda had an extra tick lying around and decided to call me up after everyone else was busy [jokin...or am i??]

so chyeah.

in other other news.

I have someone who reads this foolishness and appreciates it =]]

YAY for people who care... ya dig :]
i decided to highlight her because she not only commented on my blog once...
not twice..
but three or four times

i can't really remeber. it gets vague after a certain point.
but big bullet bullet shout outs to authentik.supafli
werd bitch ass crackerzz [xD]

more to swim in lata
xoxoxo [*-*]

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