So yesterday I was on aim having conversations with friends [cause you know...that's how I do]
and I was speaking to a couple of them about there colleges.
One said she was going to Medgar Evans...another was some shit up north and so on and so forth.
I was really proud that my friends were all going to college. Even if it isnt the best college on the planet.
But what makes a college good? the students of course so even if you go to a community college as long as you prove to yourself that it doesnt matter what college im in im going to do the best I can then that's all that really matters.

For instance my lovely self. I was supposed to go to CUNY York in Queens for my college.
and honestly I realy don't even know how I got accepted. I mean I didn't have shit grades but I didn't do anything for college. deadass my sister helped me out with most everything.
For one school was so stressful senior year and my bullshit counselour was not any help at all. [she probably never even sent in my final transcript...]
But now I'm going to register for BCC [yes goddammit B C muthafuking C]
and I told everyone I knew about it. I don't know but I don't feel any type of way about going to BCC [even though it is proclaimed as one of the worst Community Colleges...]
In highschool I used to joke around if someoone failed like..."oh well have fun in BCC"
but now that I'm going its going to be easy peasy.

Put it like this. It's probably better for a person to go to a shit college [no offense BCC] and get excellent grades. Than go to a top ranked one and be left in the dust because of stress and not understanding the course.

Besides... most everyone I've ever come to know in the bronx.. went to BCC at one point or another and afterwards some of them did great and others... i shake my head for them.

Education is something really big to me and I don't take it lightly. Even though I may slack off. I would never let that come in between me and my goals. I know I'm meant for something more than Bronx New York. Kingsbridge, and McDonalds.
But if I don't take heed and plan for the future. If I'm just stuck in the present because I want to be fly and have all the latest gear. then I'm going to be just like those who I see on the street.
26 years old, pregnant or had a couple already still living with their parents, a minimum wage job or none at all, partying all the time and not trying to better myself. But at least I got the new pair of Jordans that came out.

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  1. " oh well have fun in BCC"

    i use to say that all the time. i had my heart set out on going away to school. my grades were the bomb i was offered scholarships and all but my parents suck. so they kept me here...and now im in kingsborough. i absolutly hate it there, but like u said i rather get high grades there easily rather than stress myself out in some other school. so i understand what u mean 100 percent. u just gotta make due with what u have i guess. no matter how sucky it may be. lol


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