So I have been really busy this past week and kind of dissapointed that i didnt get to go to that concert. :,[ if you didnt notice already.
so anywho that one event made me think seriously about where i want to go in the future.
before when people would tell me oo the way you are in highschool is how you are for the rest of your life.
i used to just look at them like "no not really"
i still think that but to a certain point. i believe if you have enough determination to change you shall. i mean you control you and whatever life brings is due in part to choices you make. if you make the choice to be a lazy bum do you really think your going to be balling by the time your 30? nah
that's why im uneasy about my future. it's like i have alot of ability and too much talent to contain. if i try something new im able to have it downpack by like a week. i can draw i can write i can do anything but it doesn't mean shit if you let it go to waste. and throughout my end of sophmore year to senior year that's what i did. i had the mean drawers block [<---is that a word?] and i think it was because i was too busy worrying about what my friends were into rather than what i was into.

but enough of that. Im sure im meant for something more. i mean when i was just a little child i could've died due a disease i had where i couldn't hold down any food at all.. like i was 8 months and i couldnt eat anything i lost alot of weight and when my mother brought me to the doctors they told her it was nothing serious. I reiterate... i could've died as a child but my mothers determination and intuition got me to where i am today. alive.
shit i know i must be meant for something great if i could survive something like that .. and i was less than a year old.. god must have a plan in store for me and i intend to take the blueprints and make it happen.

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