ILY My Auntie <3

So around last week or so my auntie had to have surgery on her parts that make the world go round :]
she had a hernia
and they took it out.

couple days later she started feeling short of breathe... brushed it off at first. but then later on decided to got to the hospital to see what was going on.

The doctors checked her over and came up witht the prognosis that she had a bloodclot in her lungs and it should be dealt with immediately.

She was in the hospital for like mad long and afterwards came over to our house to chill with her lil sister and her nieces and nephews... :] ME.. and sumra and seth... maybe kingston iono.

I just have to say this..
my Aunt Bridgette is a trooper.
she knows so many things about everything that you'd feel like a piece of cardboard if you were to ever battle her. especially with health and things of that nature.

Yadda yadda yaddda getting to the point. I just wanted to say that I L-O-V-E you
and I know that the homie J.C. and the O.G. upstairs is looking over you and wouldn't let anything happen to you that you couldn't build from, and make yourself stronger than you

already are! <3.>

I wish I could come up there today to see you but Masa Ronald would cut off my leg if eyez tries to escape....yazzum. [hehehe]
Shout out to the whole Mt.Burning crew.

G-ma a.k.a Graham Crackerz [She gets it crakalating. U dig U Shmell?]

Auntie B. a.k.a "a who left this nassi doo doo crumb panty innah di bathtroom..."
[buss it babay!!]

Khali a.k.a DJ Khaled [she taking over...one myspace at a time]

and Cole a.k.a Suge Knight [he's one bad mamma jamma]

Peace and grease

[forgot to headline the last post... n u can all suck it goddammit ]


[PLATTSBURGH can lick hairy webos...]


  1. I can understand where u coming from. My grandmommy is a diabetic. And she is always having problems. Like right now she don't have any legs[but she still walks. And cooks. And cuss me out when I leave clothes al over the room]. And we thought she was good. But she is on dialysis and thr thingy in her arm messes up. So she was in the hospital like 2 weeks ago. But she is still like hard as a mountains erection. And I love her to death. Just gotta have patience and faith in your homie j.c. As you put it...

  2. aww thanks dude :] im glad u can relate.
    ur granma sounds like she's from the islands lol


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