what what is it?

do i have a sign that says
"yes i want to talk to you"
"please burden my existence with 10 wasteful minutes of you spitting 'game' to me"
when in all that time i could've gotten home.

I'm so tired of the men on my block.

old ass afrika bambattaa, ll cool j, r.kelly muthafuks.

coming home from work and im walking home on the concourse.
I have my ipod blasting and i hear someone calling me.

my vision is fucked up and its dark but i keep on walking but the calling persist.
so i think maybe its someone i kno.
i stop and wait and to my foolishness it is someone i dont know.

and worse than that.
he's a old guy.
and he's facially impaired.

"Oh I just wanted to know your name. Cuz i see you around all the time but i never get to talk to you cuz u always got your headphones on."

you've seen me around. all the time?
i barely leave my house if not for work.
or hunger. and even then i have my minions do my bidding.

anyway i just dont understand it.
why do old men always want ot chat to me.
i mean

i know i look more mature than my age but really.

why why whyyyy
what would make you think i would even consider your old Uncle Ben looking ass ?
i do not want to talk to you.
you cannot have my number
and i will not call if u give me yours.
i should just spazz out one day.

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