Move Bitch....I mean really I have place to go

Sasha is M.I.A.
So I thought I would take this lovely opportunity to and introduce her first guest blogger.
Drum roll please or retarded motor boat sound or the slapping of the knee, watever you prefer...

Shoshannah (breasts sold separately)

Umm well Here's one of my old rants about the everyday things

Funny Moment...
I was waiting for the D train
I had my Ipod and my arms crossed, body language translation=Don't talk to me, for all you guys who think its the perfect cue to talk to a girl SMH

So its a bunch of people waiting,the train finally comes, blowing my extensions up almost showing my deception. The train doors open
and here's the shit that bugs me
Some fat white woman is in front and in the middle. So you can't slide through the sides. I just waited as she slowly enters the train and slowly scans for a seat...I mean slow
like no one else has to enter the train.
I don't know bout anyone else but that D train doesn't play around if your ass isn't on that train in 2 seconds after opening ur fucked.
But the thing that killed me was that the train car was empty like really "WTF R U LOOKING FOR? DO YOU SEE SOMETHING I DON'T? Why Jesus Why?"

We've all been there, these small little troubles in life that push people over the edge...

If I knew she was gonna hold me up like this I would push her in the tracks before the train came and saved everyone the trouble.

*Shoshannah [myspace.com/synonyx88]

P.S. You ever notice that when you really late and you have to get somewhere on the bus. Everyone that is in a wheelchair, old , disabled, etc wants to get on the bus too?
No Offense to anyone but I think they do it on purpose as if they know.... *creepy music*

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